How to Authorization to Draw Up the Marriage In Morocco

Authorization to Draw Up the Marriage In Morocco By Online

  1. Visit for the Office of Secretariat for the Registry Division of Family Justice.
  2. Bring all documents required.
  3. Then, present the documents.
  4. You can apply for an authorization to create a marriage.

Required Documents For Authorization to Draw Up the Marriage

  • an extract of the birth certificate for the couple
  • A medical certificate for each
  • On a attestation administrative engaged
  • Certified copy of the copy of the national identity card

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice

Ministre de la Justice et des LibertsDivision des Affaires Civiles
place de la Mamounia
10000 RABAT
Tel. : +212 53 770 3348
Fax: +212 53 773 0551


Fiancé or fiance.

The Document is required

In the case of Moroccan residents who want to get an approval to make a marriage, the application should be made to the Registry Division Secretariat of Justice of the place where the family’s residence is business.

The following are the steps to follow for obtaining approval to create the wedding.

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Authorization to sign the marriage contract:



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