How to Change Ownership With Change of Ship Name In Bahamas

Change Ownership With Change of Ship Name In Bahamas By Online

Apply in-person:

  1. Owners, agents or managers seeking change of ownership along with the change of ship name, should initially make contact with the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) by email to or by phoning any BMA office. Links to contact information
  2. The Requirements Checklist contains the list of documents needed to complete the transfer of ownership and the change in name of the ship.
  3. The Form R102 Application to Register the name of a ship or change the name of the Bahamian Ship gives an BMA with the necessary details required to register the name proposed for the Register and to begin registration. There isn’t any obligation or binding commitment to register by filling out this form.
  4. Form R102, together with the relevant documents listed in the “Required Documents” section, shall be sent directly to the BMA by email to or to any BMA office.
  5. At the time of registration the vessel is assigned an interim registration status. Then, the yacht is issued with the Provisional Certificate of Registration. The certification is in effect for six months and gives the owner/manager the opportunity to meet all requirements to be registered fully.
  6. A yacht is able to operate from the moment it is officially registered.
  7. An yacht can be issued with an Certificate of Registry with unlimited validity after acceptance into the permanent registry.
  8. Information on the fees can be obtained from the Registrar , or with an e-mail the BMA Information Bulletin No. 81 Link
  9. The annual fee must be paid by the Registrar at the time of the registration of the yacht and after that, on the 01st of January of the following year. In accordance with the requirements under the Merchant Shipping Act, the port of registration for the majority of Bahamian boats will be “NASSAU”.
  10. The full registration and the acceptance of the final Certificate of Registry from the BMA will be issued following complete fulfillment the registration process within the temporary registry, and upon payment of any fees that are required.

Required Documents For Change Ownership With Change of Ship Name

Check the checklist of checks available on the Bahamas Maritime website. Link

Office Locations and Contacts

The Bahamas Maritime Authority
Nassau Office
Shirlaw House
226 Shirley Street
PO Box N-4679
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel. +1 242 356 5772
Website: Link
Contact Information: Link


Any Bahamian-owned vessel of any size, operating status, or operating zone if controlled by:

  • Bahamian citizens
  • Bahamian companies
  • The Bahamas is a permanent home for residents who are Bahamas


  • The details of the fees can be obtained from the Registrar , or through the reference the BMA Information Bulletin No. 81 Link
  • Click this link to calculate the fee by using BMA’s Fee Calculator on the BMA website: Link


Certificate of registration valid for one yearand renewed annually at the conclusion of each calendar year.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

The applications are reviewed within 48 hours. The ISD will inform how the vessel’s condition is suitable in terms of technical point of.


Any changes in ownership are considered to be new applications and should first be scrutinized through The Inspection and Surveys Department (ISD). To begin this process, complete forms R102 (Application to Register a ship) along with R104 (Registration of Managing Owners, etc. ) and an official duplicate of the Bahamas ISM
DOC for the ISM Contact, should be sent to us via

The Information You Need

  • Applicant Type
  • Application Type
  • Names(s), Address(es) of Owner(s)
  • Nationality of the owner
  • Email Address
  • Phone
  • The date of birth of the applicant
  • the Owner’s date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • A valid ID for the applicant.
  • Signature of the Owner or Agent

The Document is required

  • If anyone wants to alter the owner on a registered boat by changing its name they should make an application for the same and then update your registration at the BMA.
  • The transfer of ship’s ownership and name to the BMA lets their new owners to visit a variety of countries aboard their vessel.

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Benefits of registering your vessel within The Bahamas

  • Bareboat / dual registration
  • Connecting people around the world experts in the maritime industry
  • Flexible and personal service even during non-standard business hours.
  • There are no restrictions on sales and mortgaging
  • There are no restrictions on the nationality of crew members
  • Affordable fee structure and low annual cost

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