How to Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Indonesia

Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Indonesia By Yourself

  • In accordance with The Indonesian Civil, Populations and administration law, legal procedure for changing a person’s name can be completed through the filing of a legal petition with the district court in Indonesia. Indonesian district court. Because there are numerous rights and obligations closely tied to a person’s name, whether private or civil rights, which then compel the requirement for applicants to file an official petition to the district court in their local Indonesian district court.
  • Additionally, after the legal request for The Indonesian district court is approved the applicant or attorney must submit an order from the court in writing to The Civil Registry Office within thirty (30) days from the date that the applicant or attorney have received the court’s order from The Indonesian District Court.

Required Documents For Change Your Name (Deed Poll)

  • The original court order obtained from the Local Indonesian District Court.
  • The birth certificate is the original document.
  • Marital Certificate The applicant must present a marriage certificate if he was previously married
  • The first family card
  • It is the Original Identification Card

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate General of Civil Registration and Population of the Interior Ministry of Indonesia. of Indonesia
Jl. Kalibata Heroes Cemetery No. 17
South Jakarta 12750
Phone: 021-79194075 (Hunting)
Fax: 021-7980655, 7949770
P.O. Box 7271/Jkpsm / 12072
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DG Helpdesk Service dept (Call Center 02,130,493,838)
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Ministry of Justice and Human Rights


In Indonesia there are a variety of particular or personal reasons for why someone might wish for a change in their identity. Changes to a person’s name has to be done according to the laws and regulations in force, to have the entire process legally recognized by law.


Generally speaking, the name of a person can be considered to be their general identity, and is completely dependent on every particular that a person’s might have whether it is a civil, social or some other similar legal status. In Indonesia the name of a person may be changed legally through submitting a legal request to the relevant Indonesian district court to the effect of changing the name.

Requirements Information

  • Your name is listed on your birth certificate, documents of citizenship or immigration.
  • The full name that you are trying to change (if you’re making a change to your identity).
  • Place and date of birth
  • Marital status and information
  • The places of residence for the at least three months
  • Address for correspondence

The Document is required

  • If you have or want to use an alternative name to the name you registered There exists no lawful requirement to change your name in a formal manner. However, it is advised to change your name in a formal manner in order to prove your identity and to prove your name change.
  • Name change is generally the legal process by an individual who adopts an identity that is different from the name they had at birth either through marriage or adoption. The procedure and the ease of the name change differs across areas.

Information that can be useful

  • The best method for changing your name depends on the category you fall into. Change your name following divorce or marriage is an easy process, while changing your name simply because’ takes a bit more effort, but is still fairly straightforward and much more simple than it was in the past.
  • If you want to alter your identity, you must submit an application to your area Superior Court that details the reasons for changing your name. If the court accepts the petition, you’ll be required to update the information on your Social Security card, driver’s license, and passport.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

You may wish you to alter your name based on:

  • You just got married
  • You’ve been divorced
  • Just want to change your mind
  • If adoption is the case,

External Links

Government Portal

Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration – Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

Supreme Court of Indonesia


  • Most important you can do in order to legally change you name legally is begin with a new name. Introduce yourself with the new identity, complete forms and applications with you new identity, and tell all your family and friends to use your new name. You should also inform your employer or school of your new name.
  • If you want to use an alternative name, you may modify your address at any point as long as you don’t intend to deceive , or fraud someone else. There is no legal process to follow to change the name. It is as simple as registering your new identity. You can change your first name or surname, or add names, or alter your names.
  • While there isn’t a legal procedure to change your name, you may need evidence to prove that you have altered your identity. But, you are not able to alter information that appear on your birth certificate with the exception of certain circumstances.
  • If you decide to switch your names you can now use the new name for any purpose such as publishing marriage bans or legal proceedings, getting, or changing the information on a driving license or passport.



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