How to Declaration of Lost or Stolen Official Papers In Mali

Declaration of Lost or Stolen Official Papers In Mali By Yourself

  1. The person who is claiming the claim should go to any of the following authorities, including the prefect or police station, Gendarmerie in the “Public road” section, or the guard’s head post close to you and make an appointment at the reception desk.
  2. Then, you will be asked to provide a complete account of the of the event in accordance with your memories whether it is a written or verbal declaration. written statement. The officers will document the details of the incident or crime.
  3. If the officer in charge is satisfied an incident report has been completed complete the officer will issue you with a certified copy of the signed/stamped certification of the loss paper immediately.
Please take note of this

  • If you come across the missing or stolen document must inform and return the lost certificate papers to the police station or the legal authority as soon as possible.

Required Documents For Declaration of Lost or Stolen Official Papers

Valid National Identity card, passport or NIC card any other ID document

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministere de la Defense et des Anciens combattantsNational Gendarmerie of Mali
Address: Avenue Roume – Rue 562 Address: Avenue Roume – Rue 562 BP 246Bamako Mali
Telephone. (+223) 20230243
Fax: (+223) 20222664

Police Nationale du Mali
Telephone: +223 20225786
Fax: +223 20224127
Web site: Link


Anyone who is a local/citizen who lost their documents in Mali can make the declaration


No charges are associated with the service


It is valid up to the point that you apply to replace the document that was lost.

Processing Time

The declaration is immediately made upon the making of the declaration.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the person applying
  • Nation identification document details
  • Contact details
  • Write a detailed recollection of the incident (if relevant).
  • List of documents lost or stolen
  • Locality (i.e. street number, plot number H/No, or the nearest structure).
  • The identity of the suspect, or physical characteristics of the suspect.
  • Any weapon employed.
  • Witness names if possible.
  • A declaration from the applicant

Documentation is needed

Anyone who has lost their official documents or papers must report the loss immediately to the official who is authorized so that they can avoid fraud or misuse of the documents by a third-party.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The loss declaration certificate is required if you want to trying to reapply for lost documents i.e.

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How to Declaration of Lost or Stolen Official Papers In Mali
How to Declaration of Lost or Stolen Official Papers In Mali



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