How to Declare Copyright Ownership In Jamaica

 Declare Copyright Ownership In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. You must apply to the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office in order to claim copyright ownership. You can view the JIPO office address map and contact details by clicking this JIPO Contacts link.
  2. After you have received your copyright license, go to the JIPO office and obtain the Declaration of Copyright Ownership/Authorship form. The form can be downloaded from the JIPO Application Forms link. (find “Declaration of Copyright Authorship Form” under COPYRIGHT).
  3. Completing the declaration form must be done in the presence of the Justice of the Peace official. The JP will then sign the form and certify it.
  4. After you have completed the form and signed it, send it to JIPO with the digital copy and payment of a reasonable amount.
  5. JIPO will review and retain your declaration.

Required Documents For Declare Copyright Ownership

  • Complete declaration form.
  • Receipt of payment

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Jamaica Intellectual Property OfficeAddress 18 Trafalgar Road Kingston 10
Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: 876.946-1300, 946-0789, 946-9216
Fax: 876.927-6744
For copyrights:
Contact details


An author or creator of a work may apply.


You can find details about fees using this Application fees link Move your mouse to Copyright and select GAD fee.


The declaration is valid for the life of the copyright.

Useful Documents

Declaration of Copyright Ownership Authorship Link


  • Copyright covers original literary, dramatic or musical works, sound recordings and films, broadcasts, cable programs, and typographical arrangements in published editions.
  • Literary works are works that are spoken or sung and written, other than musical or dramatic works. They include poetry, novels, sermons, computer programs, and plays.
  • Dances and mimes are examples of dramatic works.
  • Music refers to the melody of the work, lyrics are considered literary works.
  • Graphic works include paintings, drawings and charts as well as plans, engravings.
  • Registering for copyright protection under Copyright Act of Jamaica, or any copyright laws of member countries of Berne Convention for protection of Literary and Artistic Works is not required nor mandatory.
  • To obtain protection, it is not necessary to deposit work at JIPO.
  • Copyright does no protect titles or names. However, it may cover slogans, short phrases, ideas, concepts and processes. Methods, factual information and principles.

Requirements Information

  • Name.
  • Declaration.

You will need the document

This declaration is legal binding and proves you have accepted ownership.

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