How to Dispose Firearm In Jamaica

Dispose Firearm In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. Firearms Licencing Authority (FLA), is the Jamaican organization in charge of firearms. You can find their contact details at Link. However, if you have to dispose of your firearm, you can do it through a registered firearms dealer in your region.
  2. To obtain a firearm disposal permit application form, visit the Dealers Office. You can also download it from the FLA website Link. Scroll down to “Disposal permit. Click on it to open it or to scroll the form via this link Link
  3. Once you have received the form, fill out sections A and B with correct information. Then prepare all required supporting documents as described in the “Required Documents” section below.
  4. To complete the application for the disposal permit, including ammunition, visit the Firearms dealer office.
  5. The dealer will verify your disposal request and keep the firearm safe for collection by Firearm Licensing Authority.
  6. The dealer will then contact the FLA to forward your application for processing.
  7. The FLA will approve the disposal request and then prepare and issue a firearm disposal permit that is valid for 30 days. This permits you to sell or transfer the firearm.

Required Documents For Dispose Firearm

  • Please complete the application form
  • Firearm
  • Licence card
  • Munition

These documents are submitted by security companies

  • Firearm license card
  • Certificate proving payment of licence fee
  • A letter informing the company that the security guard has been terminated and the effective date.

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Firearm Licensing Authority Headquarters91A Old Hope Road Kingston 6, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 925-7159 – 60, or (927-6057) – 59.

Montego Bay Regional Office
Shop 9, Bogue City Centre
Bogue, Montego Bay, St. James
Tel: (876) 978-0245

Mandeville Regional Office
Shop G15 at James Warehouse Plaza
Tel. : (876) 926-7003 or (876) 927-6075
(876) 618-0487 (Digicel)
Jamaica W.I.
Tel: (876) 927-5159 60
Website: Link
Contact details: Link


  • Firearm owners who want to get rid of their firearms


  • The permit to dispose of firearms is valid for 30 days

Documents for Use

  • Application form for Firearm Disposal Permit

Processing Time

  • Within 5 working days


  • Before the firearm license can be issued, it must be current. If not, all outstanding fees must first be paid.

Requirements Information

  • License holder details
  • Details about ammunition and firearms
  • Information about firearm storage

You will need the document

  • The firearm disposal permit and the disposition of firearm allows the holder a firearm license/permit, to surrender their legal authority to use or carry a particular firearm.

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