How To Exchange or Convert Foreign Driver License In Azerbaijan

How To Exchange or Convert Foreign Driver License In Azerbaijan

  • Visit the driving licence testing center located in the province from which you got your permanent residency.
  • Complete the Application for the exchange of a driving license at any testing center.
  • You must provide the necessary documents.

The centre for driving license testing issues the driving license when it is satisfied that:

  • you own the driving license issued by a foreign country.
  • You’ll be required to hand in your foreign driving licence or driving permit after you get the Azerbaijani license.
  • You won’t be required to take a driving licence examination , but an eye exam will be administered on the spot prior to the exchange becoming completed.

Documents that are required Exchange or Convert Foreign Driver License

  • A personal identification document
  • A valid health certification of the driver
  • A digital photograph taken in the bureau for traffic registration or document photography as well as an electronic signature that is signed to the bureau.
  • The driver’s license that is to be exchanged is issued in a different country.
  • The proof of residency is required to prove your eligibility.

Office Locations and Contacts

State Traffic PoliceAddress AZE 1117 Baku city. Khirdalan highway 4,
Telephone: (+994 12) 590 81 25; (+994 12) 590 81 35;
Fax: (+994 12) 498 02 17;

How To Exchange or Convert Foreign Driver License In Azerbaijan
How To Exchange or Convert Foreign Driver License In Azerbaijan

What Are All The Eligibility

The license of your foreign driver will be converted to a foreign license if:

  • The license is valid
  • Translated to one of the official Azerbaijani language. The official Azerbaijani language is one of them.
  • The license must be accompanied by an official certificate of validity from the appropriate embassy and a translation in case the license isn’t in the oficial language spoken in Azerbaijan
  • The license contains your signature and photo.


  • If you’ve obtained Azerbaijani permanently residence then you need to convert your foreign driving permit into one that is Azerbaijani upon receiving the permanent residency permit.
  • If you don’t change your license in time, it will be considered as ineligible.
  • It is also possible to change your driving license to one that is an Azerbaijani license if have diplomatic permits but don’t possess a permanent residence permit.
  • If your license isn’t translated into one of the languages used by Azerbaijan it is required to obtain the translation certificate of the license from an authorized authority.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the owner
  • Name and patronymics of the owner
  • Birth date and location of residence of the owner
  • Residence of its owner
  • Released to (bodys name)
  • The date and the place of the issue
  • Date of expiry
  • License number
  • Signature of an authorized person Seal of the body
  • Signature blood group and the signature
  • Particular marks

The Document is required Exchange or Convert Foreign Driver License

If you hold an active foreign driver’s license, you can convert it into an Azerbaijani license in order to use the same classes that you have on the foreign license.

A valid driver’s license from a foreign country signifies that your driver’s license should never be in a state of suspension, expiration, or cancelled in the country in which you were issued it and it must be valid or expired within the past 12 months.

Information that can be useful

The Driver Licensing Office we will keep your original driving license , and keep copies of all other documents. Since you’re only allowed to hold one driving license You will not receive the original license.

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Have an eye exam. It can be done in any clinic, hospital or optometrist. Bring 2 passport-sized photographs and state that it’s required for a driver’s license. The majority of opticians do not cost for the test but there might be a fee for other locations.

If you are photographed, you should not wear sunglasses or a hat, covers for your head, or anything else that could obscure your face or block the image from being a true representation of you. The only exception to this is if it is to support medical or religious reasons. If so you have to provide the signed declaration. The photo must be able to show the face from forehead to chin , and have a decent resemblance to.

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