How to Apply For Renewal of Air Transport Training Institute in Egypt

Apply For Renewal of Air Transport Training Institute in Egypt

  • The applicant must submit an application to ECAA to renew the approval within 30 days prior to the expiration on the date of approval. A safety audit report from the internal department verifying that the institute has the necessary capability and meets the requirements of ECAA must be included in the application.
  • The approval will be renewed after a thorough inspection by ECAA and after confirming that the institute has the necessary capability.
  • The institute must be able to conduct its business within the parameters of the approval . It shall not offer transport services for passengers to be hired or for reward.

Required Documents For Renewal of Air Transport Training Institute

a)Name of the companyor corporate body, along with the information about the registration

b)Address with phone, telex, or Fax numbers for the registered office

c)Address of the principal office of business, which includes the bases for maintenance and operations

d)Full information about any other business in which the company is involved in.

e)Names and the nationality of the members of the Board of Directors/Chairman/CEO

f)Details of the shares held of the company

g)Percentage shares of foreign nationals and companies or foreign nationals, if applicable, in the capital of the business

h)A copy of each Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum as well as Articles of Association

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Transportation

“Mr. Hany Sayed Mohamed Dahy image

Address: Nasr Road, Nasr City, Cairo

Telephone number: 2400814 22604884

Fax: 22610510

E-mail N/A


Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority??)

TEL: 002 22677617

AX: 002 2268823



What are all the Eligibility

Permission to conduct flying training can be given only

A) one who is a citizen of Egypt or
B) A group of individuals with Egyptian nationality, or a trust or society that is registered by the Societies Registration Act,
C) a non-resident Egyptian/Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCB) (or
d) an entity which is registered in accordance with the Companies Act, having its principal location of business in Egypt and having or without foreign equity participation, as deemed to be approved by the Government from time to at any time or
E) The Central Government as well as an State Government Undertaking, owned or controlled by any of the governments.

The applicant must be resident or citizen of Egypt who are engaged in Air transport Business.


Renewal fees are LE150,000.


Air Transport Training institute shall be renewed by ECAA each year. In order to renew, the institute must demonstrate its ability to conduct the flying-training tasks that have been that are authorized.

Processing Time

Processing time is 180 days.


The applicant should have an experienced Director of studies. This qualification should have to be Aviation related. In the event of a changes in address, the candidate must notify ECAA immediately.

The Information You Need

  • Capacity of passengers for each kind of aircraft
  • Maximum weight all-up
  • If the aircraft is type certified according to FAA or JAA specifications
  • There is a need for a flying training institute
  • Profitability of the project (a copy of the feasibility study can be attached)
  • Declare if the applicant ever violated any of the provisions of the Aircraft Act, or any rules under it. If so, give details.
  • The fee’s details and details of fee, Bank (to draw from any bank that is scheduled in Nigeria and made payable at Central Pay & Accounts Office, ECCA,
  • Declaration of compliance with Civil Aviation Requirements
  • What time does when the Air Transport training institute activities are scheduled to begin
  • Other relevant details.
  • Certified that the information and statements provided in this application is accurate.

Documentation is needed

To ensure that the flying institutes are able to offer initial flying lessons to pilots in order to issue licenses. It is a Civil Aviation Requirement lays down the procedure as well as the minimum requirements in relation to infrastructure as well as procedures and manpower required for approval for the undertaking of Air Transport training institute activities that require aircraft with the maximum certification take-off capabilities.

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How to Apply For Renewal of Air Transport Training Institute in Egypt
How to Apply For Renewal of Air Transport Training Institute in Egypt



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