How to Export Live Cattle In Mali

Export Live Cattle In Mali By Online

  1. The Exporter should go to an authorized custom broker’s office and provide an original copy of the export invoice for examination by the official authorized to do so, who will then be instructed to pay broker fees in cash, with a cheque or Bank transfer. Once you have made the payment the broker will issue you with a transit request.
  2. Go towards then the Directory General of Trade, Consumption and Competition office, dubbed the DGCC to submit the following documents: tax identification card, business licence exemption, or RCM certificate in the General Secretary office to assessed and then get the dump. (In the event of a first time export you will be registered with the DGCC database).
  3. Visit go to the CCIM agent office in the DGCC and provide verbally that the business that you want the CCIM receipt is issued for a fee of 1,500 FCFA. then go to the Single Window Registration office and provide the following documents: CCIM receipt, Proforma invoice and Transit order form, to be registered and recorded with the DGCC agent.
  4. The DGCC agent examines the conformity of the file. in the event of an issue the file is sent back to correct the issue. If the file is in good order it is then sent through the inner circuit within the single window of processing, and affixing the visa with the intention of exporting document (8 copies) which is then retrieved by the person applying within one working day.
  5. You must then submit these documents: International Bank for Mali, {an invoice in the form of a roforma, customer account numbers, intent for export (Customs/exporter) and a signed export intent (Bank) and a signed import intent (Bank to BCEAO) Export intention made by the signer (Customs in the case of DGCC as well as BCEAO) must be confirmed by the business manager of the bank.
  6. You will then be notified to pay an amount of FCFA 4,680 through direct debit. After that, you will receive an official on the payment receipt.
  7. Go to visit the National Directorate of Veterinary Service office, animal production and industry unit , and make an inquiry to the veterinary service representative.
  8. The vet service agent travels to inspect cattle destined to be exported and inspects the animals. Note: You will have to pay for travel expenses of 2000 FC.if they are satisfied that the animal meets the criteria for export and he issue the pass-sanitary certificate and the temporary export certificate for cattle to the person who is exporting.
  9. Go towards then the Kouremale Secondary custom office, the office of the Squad leader and present the pass sanitary certificate as well as the export certificate for cattle provisional to be vetted at the discretion of an officer who will then put the customs visa to both certificates.
  10. The broker or exporter makes an arrangements to transport the cattle.

Required Documents For Export Live Cattle

  • Proforma invoice
  • Transit order 2 copies
  • Intent to export form 2 copies
  • Refrain from expressing intention
  • The economic interest group
  • Get sanitary
  • Provisional export certificate for cattle
  • Identification document

Office Locations and Contacts

Address: Av de la nation, Bamako 2994
Tel: (+223) 20 23 31 56
Fax: (+223) 20 23 31 55

Address: Bamako Coura, NIMAGA building, located in the front of Odonto Stomatology centre, Bamako 201
Tel: (+223) 20 21 23 14
Fax: (+223) 20 21 80 46

Address: Boulevard de l’Independance, Bamako-Bolibana
PO Box 15
Tel: (+223) 20 22 50 66 / (+223) 20 22 51 11
Web site: link

National Directorate of Veterinary Services
Address: Bamako
Agents for veterinary services
Tel: 76020694

Address Kouremale
The leader of the squad KouremaleTel is +223 723 23 23 24


Exporters who want sell live animals from Mali


The processing cost is FCFA 6,680.

Processing Time

The estimated processing time between {different steps various steps (cumulatively) is between 3 to 5 working days.

Requirements Information

  • Exporters name
  • Exporters’ addresses
  • Exporters TIN/PIN
  • Agent’s identify themselves by their name
  • Agents’ addresses
  • Agents for TIN processing and clearing office
  • Registration number
  • The date of the export
  • Country of destination for goods
  • Tax invoice value
  • Bank and financial data
  • Nationality, date and identity of the transport mode at the point of entry.
  • Office of departure
  • The location of the items
  • Distribution of packages and packaging
  • Calculation of the duty.

Documentation is needed

Live cattle exported from Mali must be declared and in compliance with the rules of customs and standard required by Directory General of Trade, Consumption and Competition DGCC in order for the cattle to be permitted to leave Mali.

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How to Export Live Cattle In Mali
How to Export Live Cattle In Mali



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