How to Export of Artisanal Products (Handicrafts) In Mali

Export of Artisanal Products (Handicrafts) In Mali By Online

  1. The craftsman or exporter should first go to at the National Directorate of Crafts office and request an DNA certification of Origin. provide the following documents crafts card and list of product at the office of the General Manager, to be examined and receive the authenticated DNA certificate of origin.
  2. Then , go towards the agency for Promotion of Export-Apex Mali to submit the following documents{ : Export invoice and DNA Certificate of Origin as well as Formula “A” (note that The form “A” can only be available for exports that are headed to Europe and the European Union) to the secretary office to be reviewed and to issue the certified certificate of origin (“form”A”) which is attached to the file.
  3. Then, you should go for then go to the National Museum of Mali office Document and research department and hand over the list of items to the agent for them to be checked and then receive the Export authorization document from the museum for 10,000 FCFA.
  4. Visit a licensed custom broker office and present the original duplicate of the export invoice for examination by an authorized official. On that day, you will be advised to settle broker fees in cash, with a check or Bank transfer. Once you have made the payment you will be issued with a transit request.
  5. A broker’s authorized head of at the Modiro Keita Airport Customs Office Counter of the Export Section – ASAM sends the items to be weighed and presented {following documents the following documents [dentity document, Air Waybill (LTA)which is verified at the ASAM agent, and then obtain the certificate of acceptance following the being weighed . The goods are then placed into the control of ASAM.
  6. Then, he goes to the head office’s Export Service Office at the airport to present the following documents, Museum export authorization to be endorsed by the official authorized.
  7. The broker is then head of then, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mali (CCIM) office at the airport. They purchase the CCIM blank form for an amount of FCFA 2000 money by the CCIM agent.
  8. Then, he goes to the office responsible at the airport. He will then present the following documents: Export invoice, Export Authorization Museum to be inspected and handled by the agent accountable and receive those documents .
  9. The broker who is authorized goes to the export department of ASAM following customs formalities to get the document of acceptance for transportation and to deliver the goods on when the flight is scheduled for the following day.

Required Documents For Export of Artisanal Products

  • Valid Identification document
  • Craftsman card
  • Invoice for export
  • Air waybills 5 copies
  • RCCM certificate
  • Tax identification card/number
  • NINA registration certificate
  • Export authorization Museum
  • Export invoice
  • Airport liquidation bulletin
  • Good to have accounting for the ship-airport
  • DNA Certificate of Origin
  • Formula “A” Certificate of Origin
  • The list of products includes 2 copies.
  • Transit order
  • Sending a certified copy of the document
  • Acceptance certificate for transportation

Office Locations and Contacts

National Directorate of Crafts DNAAddress: N’Golonina, east of the Hotel de l’Amitie, rue 268 port 147 Bamako
BP E2211
Tel: (+223) 20-23-63-43
Fax: (+223) 20-23-45-24

Address: 2nd floor, former Air Afrique building, Quartier du Fleuve, Bamako
Tel: (+223) 20 22 11 44

National Museum of MALI
Route de Koulouba, Bamako BP 159
Tel: (00223) 20-22-34-86
Fax: (00223) 20-23-19-09

MODIBO KEITA Airport Customs Office
address: Senou, Bamako
BP 269
Tel: (+223) 20-20-57-74
ASAM agent in charge of export
Tel: (+223) 66-29-29-79


Exporter who wants to export handicrafts and artisanal items from Mali


The estimated cost of processing was 77,000.

Processing Time

The estimated processing time between {different steps different steps (cumulatively) is 2-7 days.


Important notes:

  • {For exports If exports arethe raftwork) that are worth under 6000 euro the exporter doesn’t need to obtain a document of origin.

The Information You Need

  • Exporters name
  • Exporters’ address
  • Exporters TIN/PIN
  • Agent’s are known by their initials
  • Agents’ addresses
  • Agents processing TINs and clearing office
  • Registration number
  • Date of the export that is to be made
  • The country of origin of the goods
  • Tax invoice value
  • Bank and financial data
  • Identity, Date , and Nationality of transportation at the time of crossing.
  • Office of departure
  • Where to store products
  • Distribution of packages and packaging
  • Calculation of the duties.

The Document is required

The exports Artisanal products need to be declared and in compliance with the rules of customs and the required standard set in the Directory General of Trade, Consumption and Competition DGCC for the exporter to be permitted exit from Mali.

Information that can be useful

More details on the documents required and the various processing steps
Certificate of Origin (Handicrafts)

  • The origin certificate which proves the source of the merchandise can allow you to enjoy certain benefits for certain countries, notably at the customs levels.

Export authorization (Handicrafts)

  • Export authorization is essential to the person who is responsible for the export of artworks. This document permits other administrative bodies (Customs Administrative Control Entities) who are involved in the process to have information about the items that must be removed from the country.

Declaration of customs (Airport office-artisanal goods)

  • The exports of goods aren’t subject to any customs duty. The authorized broker submits an official declaration with the customs department, specifically in order to be able to pay for the IT fee and also for reasons of statistics. The items could undergo a summative inspection.

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How to Export of Artisanal Products (Handicrafts) In Mali
How to Export of Artisanal Products (Handicrafts) In Mali



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