How to Export of Dried Mangoes (AGOA) In Mali

 Export of Dried Mangoes (AGOA) In Mali By Online

  1. The exporter visits the Directorate General of Trade, Consumption and Competition DGCC General Secretariat Office and purchases an official stamp at a cost of 200 FCFA to be placed on the request. Submit it together with the following primary document that need to be registered. receive an acknowledgement receipt indicating the date that the documents were withdrawn. the documents.
  2. At the time of withdrawal, go to the DGCC office or the regulatory division. You can then take the file back against the signed waiver, certifying that you been provided with the initial documents.
  3. Visit then the National Directorate of Geology and Mines DNGM Laboratory office, and hand over your gold sample to the Laboratory employee who weighs the gold to determine the amount and calculate the titer value quality/karats of gold. Then you will be issued an invoice. You will be advised to pay for the invoice. You will also receive an invoice for payment.
  4. After the test of the substance Following the analysis, the DNGM laboratory will send the technical report as well as the titration certification for the Director at the National Directorate of Geology and Mines to be signed by the director of the National Directorate of Geology and Mines. The signature of the certificate can take several days before an applicant is able to withdraw it.
  5. You will be informed by the DGCC that you must go to their office to remove your technical inspection reports, the technical clearance certificate, and certificate of titration.
  6. Visit a licensed custom broker office and present the original copy of the invoice for export for examination by an authorized official. Upon examination, you will be instructed to pay broker charges in cash, with a cheque or Bank transfer. Once you have made the payment you will be issued with a transit request.
  7. The broker or exporter should go towards the CCIM agent office located at the DGCC and relay verbally their name and the company that they will issue the CCIM receipt is issued for a fee of 1,500 FCFA. then visit the Single Window Registration office and provide the following documents: the originals and copies: CCIM receipt, Transit invoice, attestation/t be registered and recorded at the DGCC agent.
  8. The DGCC agent examines the conformity of the file. If there is an issue the file is sent to be corrected, if the file is correct, the file is sent into the circuit internal within the single window of processing. The intention is for exporting the document (6 copies) to be recovered by you , the applicant within a day.
  9. When you have the file back after retrieving the file, go to after retrieving the file, go to Directorate General of Taxes, Directorate of Large Enterprises office registration service division. There, provide the following documents: and be confirmed by the person responsible and you will be issued an invoice. You will be is advised to pay the invoice. You will also receive the payment receipt.
  10. When you pay and submitting the payment to the authorized officer, the officer will affix tax visa/ stamps on any copies of the intent to export, and then transmit to the DGCC to be collected by the applicant within a day.
  11. After obtaining the file after obtaining the file from the DGCC office The person who is requesting the export or the official authorized to do so should go to a bank and provide the following documents: signed order approval, export invoice and 7 copies of the export intent.The bank stores its own copy of the Bank copies in the name of BCEAO and then sends it to BCEAO.
  12. After both copies of an intent have been filed either the person who is the exporter authorized broker must return at the DGCC to present the export intention (Customs copies).
  13. A broker’s authorized head of at the Modiro Keita Airport Customs Office Counter for Export Section ASAM is required to submit the goods to be weighed, and then present the {following documents with the documents (dentity documents, Air Waybill (LTA)which is verified at the ASAM agent, and then obtain the certificate of acceptance following the being weighed . The items are then placed in the care of ASAM.
  14. Then, he will go to the Head Office in the export service at the airport. He will then provide the following documents: originals and copies: to be verified by the official authorized to do so.
  15. The broker is then head of then, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mali (CCIM) office at the airport. He then purchases the CCIM blank form for an amount of FCFA 2000 dollars by the CCIM agent.
  16. Then, he goes to the office responsible at the airport. He will then provide the following document to be checked and processed by the agent responsible . They will then request those documents .
  17. The broker who is authorized is required to visit the export department of ASAM after completing customs formalities, to get the document of transport acceptance and then send the items by the next flight.

Required Documents For Export of Dried Mangoes

  • Statutes of the company
  • RCCM ITC1 Registration certificate
  • Tax identification number
  • License to import/export
  • NINA registration certificate
  • Bank guarantee
  • Valid identification document
  • Titration certificate
  • Request for Export Intent
  • Transit order
  • Approved and signed order
  • Export intention document
  • Export Air waybills 5 copies
  • Export invoice
  • Declaration to export 3 copies
  • Liquidation bulletin
  • Good to transfer airport accounting

Office Locations and Contacts

Address: Bamako Coura, NIMAGA building, right in the direction of Odonto Stomatology centre, Bamako 201
Tel: (+223) 20 21 23 14
Fax: (+223) 20 21 80 46

Address: Industrial zone, Bamako BP 1909
Tel: (+223) 20-21-58-21

address: Senou, Bamako
BP 269 Mali
Tel: (+223) 20-20-57-74
ASAM agent in charge of export
Tel: (+223) 66-29-29-79


Exporter who wants sell Gold to Mali


The total estimated cost is FCFA 441,850.

Processing Time

The estimated processing period (between {different steps various steps (cumulatively) is between 2 and 21 days.

The Information You Need

  • Exporters name
  • Exporters’ address
  • Exporters TIN/PIN
  • Agent’s identify themselves by their name
  • Agents’ address
  • Agents processing TINs and clearing office
  • Registration number
  • The date of the export
  • The country of origin of the goods
  • Tax invoice value
  • Data on banking and financial institutions
  • Identification, Date and Nationality of the vehicle at the point of entry.
  • Office of departure
  • Where to store products
  • Distribution of packages and packaging
  • Calculation of the duties.

Need to have the Document

The export of Gold has to be registered and in compliance with the rules of customs and the required standard set in the Directory General of Trade, Consumption and Competition DGCC in order in order to allow exit from Mali.

Information that can be useful

More details about the required documents and various processing phases
Attestation / titration certificate

  • Before exporting the products before exporting them, before exporting the goods, Department of Geology and Mines conducts inspections. A certification of titration is issued, verifying the purity of the gold to be exported.

The Export Intent (Gold)

  • The intent to export is vital for an operator who would like to export his product. This document permits other administration entities (Customs and administrative control bodies) who are involved in the process to have specifics about the goods that need to be exported from the country.

Transit order

  • Transit orders are the documents that allows the authorized broker to work for the benefit of the economic operator. The contract is binding on the broker authorized by the government.

Customs declaration (Customs Office – Airports)

  • The exports of goods aren’t subject to any customs duty. The broker authorized to do so makes an official declaration with the customs department, particularly so that they can be able to pay for the IT fee as well as for reasons of statistics. The merchandise may undergo a summative inspection.

DGCC registration

  • Registering in the database computer at the DGCC is required for any initial import or export process for an economic company.

Approval to open a counter the buying as well as exportation of gold

  • To be allowed to export gold, the person who is attempting to export gold must have an authorization from the minister of Commerce. The authorization request process is conducted by the Directorate General of Trade and Competition (DGCC).

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How to Export of Dried Mangoes (AGOA) In Mali
How to Export of Dried Mangoes (AGOA) In Mali



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