How To Obtain Birth Certificate In Comoros

How To Obtain Birth Certificate In Comoros

  • You can request copies of your birth certificate on the spot at the Civil Service Office.
  • When you make your request ensure that you’ve included the following information that will make searching for birth records significantly easier
    • Name of the person who is on the certificate. The name of the person on the
    • date of birth
    • the name of the parents.
  • Don’t forget to bring your valid photo ID. You may be asked to show it to prove your identity as well as to ensure that you have the legal right to get an original copy of your birth certificate.
  • You must pay on the certification.

If you’re not in Comoros

Use the link that is listed under “Office Contacts and Locations” to connect with the closest consulate or embassy in Comoros within the nation where where you are currently in. The consular service department of the Embassy can assist you to you with your request for an original copy of your birth certificate.

Documents Required Obtain Birth Certificate

  • A completed application to get an birth certificate
  • A valid ID

Office Locations and Contacts

Service de l’tat civilTel:+269 335 27 05

Office hours:
Mon: 07:30-14:30
Tue: 07:30-14:30
Wed: 07:30-14:30
Thur: 07:30-14:30
Fri: 07:30-11:00
Sat: 07:30-12:00


  • Birth certificate: KMF 1,000

Note: Cash only is accepted.

The Information You Need

  • the name of the person listed on the certificate.
  • date of birth

the name of the parents.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The Birth Certificate is a document that identifies the names and sex details of a person. It also specifies the date and location of birth. It’s issued once you have registered the birth of your child. The birth certificate will be usually required when applying in the process of applying for passports, driver’s license or marriage license.

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