How to Export Soybeans Meal In Benin

Export Soybeans Meal In Benin By Online

  1. Then, you (exporter) begin by contacting a broker who is approved to finish the formalities for customs. You can physically present yourself at the agent’s office or send him remotely (mail, telephone) the information/documents necessary for the exportation procedure i.e (commercial invoice for the goods and packing list) Link
  2. The broker will prepare an offer based on charges to be paid to all agencies or structures that participate in the export processing to get the goods at their destination, which includes the cost of the commission agent) Based on the information you obtained from the exporter and give you a quotation slip.
  3. How to Export Soybeans Meal In Benin
    How to Export Soybeans Meal In Benin
  4. If you choose to accept the services of a broker You will have to pay the broker’s fees in cash, via check or Bank transfer within a day when you have made your payment. you will receive an order for transit at the broker’s office with a IFU registration certificate’ of the company or an exporter/importe.

Find the origin certificate

  1. The broker then begins the process of importing by connecting first with the Single Window for Foreign Trade Operations (GUOCE) website Link and making an export request, supplying the necessary information. GUOCE will then show the necessary certificates to conduct the export as well as the necessary documents to get them.
  2. The approved broker uploads digital copies online. They are then sent for processing by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade.
  3. The broker must wait for five days before receiving the BUP invoice from the General Directorate of Foreign Trade through the GUOCE website.
  4. The authorized broker must record his number on the BUP and presents it to the person who works in the Central Agency Fund Counter located at one of at the Bank of Africa or ECOBANK office. The teller then checks it with the GUP system, and advises the broker to pay the amount indicated and issue the BFU bank receipt.
  5. After payment, the broker connects again after payment to GUOCE website within five days and determines if it is true that the certification of origin (GUOCE) was issued granted by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade and prints them out, when they are available.

The development of the declaration on customs

  1. The broker who is authorized goes for Benin Chamber of Commerce and Industry CCIB offices to buy the customs declaration forms comprising five sheets, which are sold in hundreds of sheets in addition to CCIB payment receipts. CCIB invoice for payment.
  2. The broker then connects to the ASYCUDA system and enters the declaration of each bill of landing of the goods and obtain 5 copies of the export declaration documents for each of the following agencies i.e .
  3. The broker will then head for the Customs Port Recipe Office, Inspector Liquidator unit to submit an export declaration file in the form of commercial invoices for the Customs Inspector’s office to verify and get the liquidated export declaration declaration copy and the clear exported declaration carrier copy.

Regulating the Single expense slip

  1. The broker then goes into the Agency of the National Council of Shippers of Benin CNCB the billing service unit, and send the liquidation statement”declaration copy” to the billing agent and joins GUP, the Single Window Port (GUP) platform and confirms the CNCB fees. Then, the broker writes on the original declaration , the BFU number as well as the amount that is to be paid for the broker to be able to pay either Bank of Africa or ECOBANK and get a BFU bank receipt from the BOA-Hillacondji Agency office, based on the receipt from the bank for payment.
  2. The broker will then go for his destination, the Hillacondji Customs Recipe office, Liquidation department, and hand over the BFU bank receipt to the liquidator inspector who checks if the money has been paid and approves export of the goods by affixing his passport on the BFU bank receipt. He then issues it to the broker.

Authorization for Boarding Authorization

  1. The authorized broker will bring all the documents and certificates required for the goods to arrive at their destination. deliver them to Hillacondji Customs Recipe, Deputy Brigade Office. Brigade office. The brigade’s deputy chief examines the documents provided to him. If the need arises, performs an examination of the merchandise he inspects to ensure with the quality of goods accepts the export of the merchandise by attaching his visa to the BFU bank receipt and then presenting it at the request of the broker.

Required Documents For Export Soybeans Meal 

  • The national name of the person who is exporting.
  • Commercial invoice for goods
  • List of packing materials
  • IFU registration certificate
  • Exporter/importer card
  • Foreign exchange commitment
  • The payment slip is called a BOA.
  • Transit order
  • Export declaration file .
  • Validate BFU bank payment receipt
  • Liquidated export declarations declaration and copies of the carrier

Office Locations and Contacts

World Society for Consignment and TRANSIT
Address: Boulevard Saint Michel, Cotonou 04
BP 1186
Tel: +229 21 32 13 54
Fax: +229 21 32 13 48

List of Brokers with Authorized Authorization for Benin : link

Address: Residential zone, Cotonou 08
BP 0658
Tel: +229 21 31 99 88 / +229 21 31 99 89
Website: Link

Contact: Cotonou 01
BP 31
Tel: +229 21 31 12 38 / +229 21 31 20 81
Fax: +229 21 31 32 99

Contact, Cotonou 01
BP 400
Tel: +229 21 31 22 36

Address: Residential zone, Cotonou 08
BP 0658
Tel: +229 21 31 99 88 / +229 21 31 99 89
Website: link

HILLACONDJI Customs Recipe
Address: Hillacondji 01
BP 400
Tel: +229 22 43 51 05 / +229 22 43 00 59

Address: Hillacondji
BP 013
Tel: +229 97 57 27 00 / +229 95 85 84 00

Address: Hillacondji Cotonou 08
BP 0879


  • Authorized brokers are hired for an exporter that wants to export soybean meal from Benin

Processing Time

  • The estimated processing time between {different steps various steps (cumulatively) is between 2 and 7 days.


To access ASYCUDA system

  • You can sign the declaration at his office, if he has access to ASYCUDA (the broker has to be authorized, and the program must run on his computer).or
  • Utilize the computer and internet connection that is available in the non-marked room (computer space) at the Customs Office.

The Information You Need

  • Exporters name
  • Exporters address/contact details
  • Exporters TIN/PIN
  • Agent’s are known by their initials
  • Agents’ address
  • Agents processing TINs and clearing office
  • Registration number
  • The date of the export
  • The country of origin of the goods
  • Tax invoice value
  • Bank and financial data
  • Identification, Date and Nationality of the transport mode at the time of crossing.
  • Office of departure
  • Where to store products
  • Distribution of goods and packages
  • Calculation of the duties.

The Document is required

  • The soybean meal that is exported must be declared as such and conform with the regulations of customs and the standard required by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the exporter to be permitted departure from Benin.

Information that can be useful

More information on the required documents and various stages of processing

Certificate of Origin

  • The origin certificate that proves the origin of the product can allow you to gain certain benefits for certain countries, particularly on the level of customs.

Order for transit

  • Transit orders are the documents that authorizes the broker authorized to act for the benefit of the economic operator. The contract makes the latter liable to the broker authorized by the company.

Customs declaration

  • Exports and imports are subject to taxes and duties that are listed on the Customs tariff. In this respect, customs have created an system known as ASYCUDA World to permit brokers who are approved to file a declaration from their office prior to arriving to complete their liquidation, and to pay customs duties.

boarding Authorizations

  • The customs brigade office is responsible for carrying out the final documentation and physical checks that allow products to enter the country.

External Links

  • Benin Trade Portal: Link

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