How to Get a Duplicate Stamp Duty Certificate In Uganda

Get a Duplicate Stamp Duty Certificate In Uganda By Online

  1. Go to this website then on the homepage, click on E-Services, Stamp Duty and then click on Duplicate Certificate issuing.
  2. Enter the certificate number as well as the barcode number you obtained from the URA office.
  3. If you search for the information, and the system will create an invoice for you to print out and pay the levie. Once you have made your payment to the Bank you’ll visit the Portal to pay the levy. On the homepage, click the e-services tab, then stamp duty, and finally choose Stamp Certificate issue.
  4. Input the Acknowledgement Number as well as the barcode number you received from the URA office.
  5. Click Show Details and the system will show the certificate to print.

Office Locations and Contacts

Telecommunications (0417) 442054 or 442055 4,43150 Fax: (0414)334419
Web portal: URA


  • Any person who has property worth in Uganda

What types of documents qualify to be subject to Stamp duty?

  1. Letter of credit
  2. A mortgage deed
  3. Purchase agreements for hire
  4. A sales contract
  5. Lease agreement
  6. Transfer of instrument e.g. transfers of land
  7. Adoption deed etc.

Processing Time

  • As soon as you pay your duplicate fee for stamp duty certificates



  • If you are unable to stamp the certificate the first time, you can be able to apply for a duplicate certificate.

The Information You Need

  1. Certificate number
  2. Barcode number

Documentation is needed

  • The tax is called stamp duty charged on documents such as receipts, cheques, supplies to the government wedding licenses, marriage certificates, real estate and property transactions.

Information that can be useful

Why is it necessary legally certifying your papers?

  • This makes the document admissible for evidence in courts of law, making it legally binding and legal and binding.
  • Stamp duty services provide protection for any property documents that is presented, as your rights are protected by the law of stamp duty.
  • Some documents are deemed to be respectable when they are presented in both private and public places.
  • Stamp duty benefits aid in the decision-making process for any transaction as declarations are processed more quickly

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