How to Get Marriage Exemption In Jamaica

Get Marriage Exemption In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. You must apply for a Marriage Exemption Certificate by submitting your application to the Work Permit Department of Ministry of Labour and Social Security. You can view the MLSS office details at this link: Link.
  2. You can obtain the application form along with the processing fee voucher at any of the MLSS office. The form can be downloaded from the MLSS website at this link: Link
  3. Completion of the application form according to your requirements and attachments of all supporting documents to it in one file
  4. To pay the processing fee, visit any branch at the National Commercial Bank (NCB), and get the payment receipt.
  5. After your completed application and any supporting documents have been signed, stamped and certified, you and your spouse can go to the MLSS work permit department and submit your entire application, including the receipt, to the MLSS processing officer.
  6. An official from the MLSS will examine the application in detail to ensure that it meets all requirements.
  7. After successful verification, your application will be processed. You will receive the marriage exemption certificate
  8. For official endorsement, collect the certificate and bring it along with your passport as a non-Jamaican spouse to the immigration authorities

Required Documents For Get Marriage Exemption

  • Please complete the application form
  • Birth certificate or certification of a Jamaican spouse. (Both the certified copy and the original.
  • Marriage Certificate (both original and certified copy).
  • Both husband and wife must have passports
  • A signed affidavit by husband and wife stating they have a common matrimonial house in Jamaica. This must be certified and signed by a Justice of the Peace.
  • Two passport-sized certified photographs of the Nonjamaican spouse.
  • One passport-sized certified photograph of a Jamaican Spouse.
  • Original and certified copies of Decree Absolute are available if the husband or wife has been previously divorced.
  • If either of you has died, both the original and the copy of your death certificate will be accepted.
  • Receipt of payment

Find Office Locations and Contact

Ministry of Labour and Social SecurityAddress at 1F North Street Kingston Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: (876) 922-9500-9
Fax: (876) 922-6902/ (876) 922-0996
Contact details: Link


  • Non-Jamaicans married to Jamaican partners are eligible to apply to the marriage exemption certificate


  • JMD 15000 is the processing fee


  • Non-Jamaican males receive an Exemption Certificate that is valid for three years, while non-Jamaican women are issued a Letter of Exemption that is valid for the entire marriage to the Jamaican spouse.

Documents for Use

  • Marriage Exemption Form:Link

Processing Time

  • The application is processed in one day


  • You should not marry for more than one month before applying and getting the marriage exemption certificate
  • The marriage exemption certificate can be renewed at least one month prior to its expiration

Requirements Information

  • Information for non-Jamaicans
  • Information from Jamaica
  • Marriage details
  • Photographs and signatures

You will need the document

  • Jamaican law requires that a non-Jamaican citizen who is married to a Jamaican obtain the Marriage Exemption Certificate

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