How to Pay Online for Motor Vehicle Certificate of Fitness In Jamaica

Pay Online for Motor Vehicle Certificate of Fitness In Jamaica By Online

  1. The Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has the responsibility of receiving motor vehicle certificates of fitness fees. You can access the contact information for TAJ via this link: Link
  2. You can pay online for the motor vehicle certificate-of-fitness by visiting the TAJ website Link
  3. To be taken to the account login page, select “Client Login” from the homepage.
  4. If you have an account, enter your username and password. To create a new account, click “Create account”. Fill in the required fields on the new page and click “SAVE“.
  5. The notice will thank you for creating the account and send your password to your email address.
  6. Sign in with your password, then click on “strong>Save” to proceed to the next page. There you will be asked a reminder question about your password. Click on “ Save” to go to your account’s online service portal.
  7. Scroll down to “ Motor vehicle fees” on the e-service payment. Click on the tab “ Payment Motor Vehicles Charges” to go to the next page
  8. The new page under “Fee code and description” is open. Click on the dropbox to choose your fitness option. Next, enter your Taxpayer Register Number (TRN), and click on “ Display Amount”.
  9. The next page will take you to your information about your fitness payment. If it is correct, click to go to the next webpage.
  10. To proceed to the payment details page, you will need to confirm the Item Description, Declaration of Review, and click on the button to “Pay Taxes”.
  11. To proceed to the credit card page, review the payment and click “ Confirm“.
  12. Enter your credit card information correctly, click on “Pay”, and you’ll be directed to a payment receipt.
  13. Keep the payment receipt in a document for future reference

Required Documents For Pay Online for Motor Vehicle Certificate of Fitness

  • TRN
  • Valid Credit Card

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Tax Administration Jamaica – Head OfficePCJ Bldg. 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5
Tel: 922-5905
Fax: 754-9593
Customer Care Centre: 1-888 Tax Help (829-4357)
Website: Link

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office – Oxford Road
NCB Towers, 6th and 9th Floors, North Towers
2 Oxford Road Kingston 5.
Tel: 920-2310/920-2906
Fax: 929-7496

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office Ocean Blvd.
Office Centre Bldg. 12 Ocean Blvd. Kingston
Tel: 967-0000 Digicel: 619-1112
Fax: 948-0374

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office – East Street
116 East Street Kingston
Tel: 922-3470
Fax: 967-4750

  • Contact details for all offices: Link


  • Motor vehicle owners who want to pay online for their fitness certificate


  • Fees will depend on the vehicle fitness certificate


  • The payment is valid up to the issue of your fitness certificate

Processing Time

  • The application will be processed in one day


  • Pay the fitness certificate and proceed to obtain your motor vehicle fitness certificate

Requirements Information

  • Types of fitness certificates
  • TRN
  • Dates
  • Card details

You will need the document

  • You can prove that you have purchased your motor vehicle fitness certificate by submitting a payment receipt

External Links

TAJ: Link



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