How To Guidance To Apply Student Loan In Antigua and Barbuda

How To Guidance To Apply Student Loan In Antigua and Barbuda

National Student Loan Fund (NSLF)

The application deadline is Application period for the year starts in March and closes in May. Interviews for loan approval and other related questions will be held in June or July. payments will start in August.

Requesting loans: Use the contact details below to communicate with the Student Fund Committee to inquire about the documents to be provided and the process for applying.

Every loan recipient is obliged to execute a loan contract that outlines the amount of the loan as well as the repayment schedule and the bond that requires a coming back the loan to Antigua & Barbuda to work for at minimum 2 (2) year.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Student Loan Fundc/o Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Public Administration
Government Office Complex
Parliament Drive
St. Johns, Antigua
Phone: (268) 562-7483
(268) 462-4860/1
(268) 462-1622/5093

What Are All The Eligibility

The student loan programme offered by the Antigua and Barbuda (NSLF): National Student Loan Fund (NSLF): Persons must be citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, eighteen (18) years old or older. They also must be accepted into or enrolling in a program of study provided by an educational institution that is eligible.

Eligible institutions are those that are legally recognized as educational institutions that are recognized as official locally, regionally , and internationally.

  • The Undergraduate Program, the Graduate Programme Post Secondary/Technical Training, and
  • Vocational Education (Full-time Part-time, full-time and distance programs)

Particular consideration is for applicants

  • From single parent homes
  • From households with fewer than in-house erners and a high demand ratio
  • From large families (e.g. three (2) adult and 3 (3) children younger than 18 years old (18) )
  • In the absence of assets (e.g. land or money savings)
  • If your parents are disabled, or are indigent


Repayment programs:

Students have the option of choosing between this trio of (3) choices to pay back their loan:

  1. Pay principal and interest while you study.
  2. Pay only for interest during your studies.
  3. Pay off Interest and principal until the end of your the course of study.

The loan from the NSLF is repayable within a an amount which can be 10-years or more.

If you have encountered any issues or find it difficult to pay your loan obligations, immediately inform you Student Loan Advisory Committee know of the situation to avoid penalties for late fees charges.

Documents to Utilize

Informational Brochure (PDF)


National Student Loan Fund (NSLF)

Antiguan as well as Barbudan students who would like to pursue a variety of courses of study that will eventually aid in the development of the economy and society in Antigua and Barbuda may request a financial loan in order to pay for tuition fees. The loans that come through the National Student Loan Fund (NSLF) come with a significantly lower interest rate, making it simpler for students to pay back their loans.

  • Interest Rate: To lessen the pressure upon the pupil, interest rate on the loan is calculated as only 3% annually.
  • No collateral required
  • Maximum amount you are able to get: EC $50,000.00. Candidates must view NSLF as a supplement to their budget and not the primary source of financing to pursue their studies, particularly when the student is only starting a new course.
  • The surety must be an employee who lives within Antigua & Barbuda. The person signing the contract as a surety also needs to be able to aid in the repayment of any obligations if needed.

Student Loan Advisory Committee (SLAC)

The Committee is charged with the review and approval of the applications to borrow student loan. The Committee also offers guidance and advice for applicants when needed.

The Document is required Guidance To Apply Student Loan

Created to help students pay for tuition at universities and colleges or books as well as other living expenses, the student loans differ from other kinds of loans by having an interest rate significantly lower, and the the repayment of the loan can be delayed as long as the student is at the school.

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