How to Import a Barrel In Jamaica

Import a Barrel In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. You can clear the barrel that contains your items if they were shipped from overseas and get it back by visiting the customs office. The JCA Contacts link will allow you to view contact information for Jamaican Customs Agency.
  2. You can now order the importation of the barrel by ship or air from abroad.
  3. After the Barrel arrives in Jamaica, you will need to pay the storage or handling fees and get a receipt.
  4. Next, get all shipping documents for the barrel from your shipping agent.
  5. Attach the remaining supporting documents to the shipping documents.
  6. If you need an unaccompanied baggage declaration to be made for baggage arriving by plane, get form C27 or Yellow from the airport reception. You can also download form C27 from the Jamaica Customs Agency’s website Application Link (Find Form C27). Attach your passport and tax identification number card to the completed form.
  7. Present your documents to security at the warehouse where the barrel is kept. Wait for the barrel to be found and taken to you.
  8. The customs officer will ask you to open the barrel and inspect its contents. If the barrel is clean, the officer will direct your attention to the custom’s cashier for payment of the duty fee.
  9. You will receive a release order for your barrel after you make the payment.
  10. For confirmation, take the release order to your warehouse operator.
  11. The warehouse operator will confirm your release order and issue a gate pass that allows you to take your barrel from the customs warehouse to its destination.

Use a Proxy

  1. You can have a representative complete the task if you are unable or unwilling to remove the package from the container. The representative must have an authorization letter signed by a Justice of the Peace and stamped with your tax registration number (TRN) and a valid passport.

Required Documents For Import a Barrel

  • Complete Form C27 for unaccompanied baggage.
  • Shipping documents.
  • Passport.
  • If you used the kiosk at airport, landing slip
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN card).
  • Authorization letter for representatives.

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Jamaica Customs AgencyAddress: Myers’ Wharf,
Newport East, Kingston 15
Telephone: 922-5140-8 extns: 3148-50
Toll-free: 1-888-CUSTOMS (1-858-287-8667)
Website Link
Contact details Link


Jamaican citizens and residents can clear their imported Barrels by ship or air.


The clearance fee for personal goods and non-commercial items is JMD6,500. The fee can be subject to change.

Documents for Use

Form C27 Link

Processing Time

Your application will be processed in one working day.


To avoid delays and inconveniences in shipping your packages and barrels, ensure that you have all of the necessary documents.

You will need the document

All barrels imported must be cleared by Jamaica Customs and allowed entry to Jamaica, as required by law.

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