How to Property Tax In Jamaica

Property Tax In Jamaica By Online

Making Payment

  1. Property Tax is an additional charge on all property in Jamaica. The payments for this tax must be made to the Jamaica Tax Administration. You can find contact information for TAJ offices via this link
  2. To make you property tax online, visit TAJ’s website: [ Link] from the home page at the top right hand side of page select the option “Client Login” to be directed to the account logging in page.
  3. If you have an existing account, enter your password and click on “Create account” to create one. Fill in the required fields and click on “Next”.
  4. The notice will thank you for creating the account and send your password to your email address.
  5. Enter your password, sign in, and then read and accept the provide policy. You will then be directed to the next page. Here you will be asked a password restraint question. After answering the question, click on “ Save” to be taken to your account’s online service portal.
  6. Scroll down to Property Tax once you have logged in, and then click on the “Pay property Tax” button
  7. Enter the Valuation number and, for Strata Properties: enter your Strata Lot Number in the slot. If you don’t have a Strata, then select “ Display Amount”
  8. In the “Paid By” space, enter the name of the payer. Now you can view the information regarding the amount that will be paid.
  9. If you do not intend to pay the full amount shown, select the option “ Add to Today’s Tax Total“. You will be able view the total items that have been added to the Today’s Tax Total.
  10. Review the information on “ Today’s Tax Total” and then click the “ Declaration of Review” box to confirm that the information is correct.
  11. To continue to the payment section, select “ Pay taxes“.
  12. After confirming the amount, you will need to enter your credit card information. Finally, select “Pay”.

Use Property Tax Query

  1. Go to the TAJ’s website Link. Scroll down the page until you find PROPERTY TAX QUERY. Click on it
  2. Enter your Valuation and Strata Lot numbers in the new page and click “ Submit”.
  3. You will find all the payment information on the next page. Pay the property tax online using the online payment platform, or print the payment notice and pay it in person at any TAJ office.

Required Documents For Property Tax

  • Online payment via credit card
  • In-person payment receipt

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Tax Administration Jamaica – Head OfficePCJ Bldg. 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5
Tel: 922-5905
Fax: 754-9593
Customer Care Centre: 1-888 Tax Help (829-4357)
Website: Link

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office – Oxford Road
NCB Towers, 6th and 9th Floors, North Towers
2 Oxford Road Kingston 5.
Tel: 920-2310/920-2906
Fax: 929-7496

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office Ocean Blvd.
Office Centre Bldg. 12 Ocean Blvd. Kingston
Tel: 967-0000
Digicel: 619-1112
Fax: 948-0374

Tax Administration Jamaica Business Office – East Street
116 East Street Kingston
Tel: 922-3470
Fax: 967-4750
Contact details for all offices: Link


  • Any person who is in possession of land. The Property Tax Act defines this person as: the owner, occupier or mortgagee in possession, or any other person actually in possession of the property.


  • Flat rate of J$1,000.00 is charged to all properties that have an unimproved total value above J$300,000.00 Additional 0.75% will be charged for each additional dollar on properties with values above J$300,000.00. However, you will see the details of fees when making an online payment

Processing Time

  • You can receive your payments in one day


These land types are exempted from paying Property Tax

  • Exclusively used for religious worship, churches yards and burial grounds, as well as Rectories
  • The Council of Legal Education owns educational institutions and property.
  • Government-owned lands,
  • Local Authorities own land
  • Hospitals
  • The Minister approves land owned by cultural or charitable organizations and is used only for their purposes.

Requirements Information

  • Number of valuation
  • Strata number
  • Name of the user
  • Password
  • Information about credit cards

You will need the document

  • It is your moral obligation as a property owner to pay the Jamaican property tax.

External Links

  • Link Local Authority of Jamaica



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