How to Import Goods In Benin

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  1. The importers should hire a customs broker or clearing agent. (Customs broker are not licensed through the Directorate General of Customs and Excise
  2. The importer has to provide all documentation required to the customs broker or clearing agent including: the invoice and bills of lading (or the airway invoice) and, if needed, SPS certificate or a certificate of origin from the country or any other licence or permit.
  3. Based on those documents, the Customs broker or clearing agent will prepare customs declaration form C-100. Customs Declaration Form C-100, that is a single administrative document.
  4. A completed and signed form is sent to the broker of customs or clearing agency to a one stop customs clearance store, SocietedExploitation du Guichet Unique (SEGUB)
  5. SEGUB is then able to issue a receipt/slip (Bordereau of Frais, Exclusive BFU) at the request of the clearing agent when the required documents for clearing have been supplied. After it is issued the BFU permits agents to remove any cargo that is in the port in 24 hours.

Required Documents For Import Goods

  1. Bill of Lading
  2. Cargo tracking note (BESC)
  3. Commercial invoice
  4. Customs clearance document
  5. Customs import declaration form C-100
  6. Single Pay Slip (Bordereau de Frais Unique)
  7. Technical standard/ Health Certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate General of Customs and Excise

Telephone: 00 229 21 315703/315548

Fax: 00 229 21 316786

DirectorateEnforcement and Regulation

Tel. +229-21318740


How to  Import Goods In Benin
How to Import Goods In Benin


01BP 400



TELEPHONE: +22921315548




All traders that intend to import products into Benin


  • The Import Processes and the Nature USCost in Dollars
  • Documents preparation 350
  • Technical control and clearance for customs 200
  • Terminal handling and ports Terminal handling and ports
  • Inland transport and handling 600
  • Totals 1,520

Documents to Utilize

Customs declaration form C-100

Processing Time

It takes between 25 and 45 working days in order to bring products into Benin


  1. Importers are advised to create and organize documents, entries, and other documents to suit their specific needs.
  2. To make it easier to import products, importers typically employ a clearing agent.
  3. Importable goods should be declared using the Customs declaration form c-100.
  4. It is presumed it has been signed and agreed to by the parties.
  5. Documents that are required to be cleared by government departments and customs authorities ports and terminal authorities as well as health and technical control authorities, and banks are considered.

The Information You Need

  1. importers name
  2. Addresses of importers
  3. Consignor’s name
  4. Consignor’s address
  5. Name of item
  6. The total amount of packages
  7. Port of entry
  8. Date of arrival
  9. Payment terms
  10. Country of consignment
  11. Container number
  12. Transport methods
  13. Transport mode
  14. Nationality
  15. Account holder
  16. Description of the goods
  17. Customer procedure code
  18. Country of origin
  19. Net mass
  20. Taxes and fees

The document is needed

Importing goods into Benin typically involves transactions and sale of goods from other countries to Benin. Imports of goods are managed through Benin Customs House. Benin Customs House.

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