How To Apply for New Passport Argentina

How To Apply for New Passport Argentina

  1. Make an application personally to get an individual application for a New Electronic Passport on the same digital office and Quick Documentation Centers nationwide.
  2. Make sure to submit all the documents necessary.
  3. Make sure you complete your online application. Have your biometrics taken.
  4. Make the payment.

Note: The new ePassport will be delivered directly to the person who owns it within 15 days after processing at digital offices or Quick Documentation Centres throughout the country.

Documents that are required Apply for New Passport

Older Argentinos

  • Show the national identity, Civic Book or Book of Enrollment.

Argentine minors and/or or who have not completed the DNI mandatory update by 14 years old

  • Represent the national identity of the nation.
  • Students must be accompanied by an increase in the authority of parents, who must present your National Identity, Civic Book or Book of Enrollment that is in force.
  • Birth Certificate (CNA) or death certificate or adoption, if applicable.
  • Do not require more than the exercise of parental authority or guardianship who must record the exercise. explicit, certified copy must be filed as a Judicial authorization or notary public power of attorney and from it comes the authorization or consent.

Office Locations and Contacts

For Office Locations, click on this link:

What Are All The Eligibility

Argentine citizens


New ePassport – – $400


This New Electronic Passport is valid for 10 years.

Processing Time

15 days


  • This New Electronic Passport is issued by the National Registry of Persons, under the Ministry of Interior and Transportation and the newly-created DNI.
  • The only condition for those who are planning to get an application for a passport renewal is that you submit along with your Electronic National Identity, Civic Book Draft registration, or the one you already have.
  • Don’t accept the involvement of agents, intermediaries or any other third party who could deceive you. Every transaction is personal and you must not be liable for any other sums to third-party parties, prior to or after the commencement of the action in an office that is enabled.

Need to have the Document

A passport is a document that has been given by the state to allow the possibility of travel across the globe.

The Ministry of Interior and Transport via the National Registry of Persons, was involved in the development that resulted in the Argentine State issuing an New Electronic Passport, so that Argentina as a whole is among the states at be at the forefront of issuance of travel documents throughout the world.

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