How to Import Groupage (Goods Value Less than 500,000 FCFA) In Benin

 Import Groupage (Goods Value Less than 500,000 FCFA) In Benin By Online

  1. After the arrival of the items when the items arrive, the driver goes to the hilaconndji customs office, park their vehicle along the bridge for weighing and then walks to the weighing area. The driver then provides the following details to the customs agent : list of goods transported, vehicle number, destination before being given the weighting sheet, Ecor sheet
  2. The driver will then go into the offices of liquidation officer and provides the Commercial invoice of goods, weighting sheet and Ecor sheet be checked by the liquidation inspector who then asks an inspection of the person who is importing (economic agent) to verify the information.

The establishment of the declaration on customs

  1. The driver or importer then enters an unmarked room in the hilaconndji Customs Recipe Office and submit the Commercial invoice for the goods’, the weighting sheet, the customs agent, and in writing, make the declaration to the agent. The agent will then issue the form of a verbal declaration.
  2. The driver/importer then has to submit the declaration online using the accesses ASYCUDA platform system that is installed only to the computers in the room unmarked at the office of customs. The customs agent is available to assist you in the event of any difficulties.
  3. The declaration details are then transmitted directly to Guichet Unique Portuaire (GUP) which generates single Fee Schedule (BFU)”oral declaration liquidation” to be printed. Note The BFU is a description of the operating expenses of the various organizations that participate in the GUP i.e. {the National Council of Shippers from Benin (CNCB) and the chamber of industry and commerce in Benin (CCIB) and the company that operates the single-stop shop for Benin (SEGUB) and so on.

The single expense form is regulated by

  1. Head for go to the Agency of the National Council of Shippers of Benin (CNCB) office, and the billing service section and hand in the declaration in writing or verbally at the time of the biller in order to be confirmed. The billing agent is then required to indicate that the BFU reference number in the verbal declaration of liquidation and send it to you.
  2. Head to or both of the ECOBANK and/or Bank of Africa (BoA) with the declaration slip verbally signed by the bank and pay it and get an official BFU the bank’s receipt. Make sure that all the stakeholders are notified immediately so that they can allow for the movement of items.

The issuance for the authorization to exit.

  1. Return to customs and the office of the Deputy Chief Bridage and present the BFU bank receipt’, weighting sheet’, Ecor sheet be checked by the brigade’s deputy head officer. If it is his discretion for him to conduct an examination of the goods. If you are convinced that everything is correct, he will authorize the release of products by affixing the visa to the BFU bank receipt, and then give it back to you.
  2. The driver then takes his BFU bank receipt and the Visa of the Deputy Chief Bridage Office at the gatehouse exiting the vehicle to be recorded by the customs agent , and then release of the shipment to head to the store or warehouse of the importer.

Required Documents For Import Groupage (Goods Value Less than 500,000 FCFA) 

  • Commercial invoice for the items
  • weighting sheet
  • Ecor sheet
  • verbal statement forms
  • oral declaration liquidation
  • BFU bank receipt and Visa for the Deputy Chief Bridage Office
  • National identity card, importer/driver
  • Driver’s license

Office Locations and Contacts

HILLACONDJI Customs Recipe
Address: Hillacondji 01
BP 400
Tel: +229 22 43 51 05 / +229 22 43 00 59


  • Importer who wishes to import goods worth below 500,000 CFA. Benin via the land route

Processing Time

  • The estimated processing period (between {different steps various steps (cumulatively) is between 2 to 4 days.


To access ASYCUDA system

  • In order to make the declaration, the user must access the ASYCUDA platform using a computer and internet connection available in the unmarked area (computer space) at the Customs Office.

Requirements Information

  • Information on the importer
  • Contact information of the importer
  • List of items to be imported
  • Country of country of
  • Point of entry
  • Number of the Nation Identity card
  • Drivers licence details
  • Weight of the import goods
  • The value of imported goods

The Document is required

  • The importation groupage”goods worth less than 500,000 FCFA” must be declared and in compliance with the rules of customs and the required standard set by the Minister of Industry and commerce as well as other regulatory institutions to be allowed admission into Benin.

Information that can be useful

More information on the documents required and the different methods of importation

Finding the value of customs of the item

  • The customs office estimates its value for the merchandise. The customs declaration is prepared based on the value of customs.

The establishment of the Customs declaration Customs declaration

  • The declaration of customs is made in both a by verbal (manual) declaration, and an online declaration via the ASYCUDA system platform.

Regulating the Cost Slip as a Single Cost Slip

  • Following the approval from the Customs Declaration following the customs declaration, the Port Single Window generates a Single Fee Schedule (BFU) which records all charges incurred by the various structures involved during the import process. The BFU will be paid in any of two banks that are partners (Ecobank and BOA).

Exit permit

  • A customs office is responsible for carrying the final documentation and physical inspections of the products, in order to allow the items to be allowed to be consumed in Benin.

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  • How to Import Groupage (Goods Value Less than 500,000 FCFA) In Benin
    How to Import Groupage (Goods Value Less than 500,000 FCFA) In Benin

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