How to Import Groupage (Goods Value more than 500,000 FCFA) In Benin

Import Groupage (Goods Value more than 500,000 FCFA) In Benin By Online

  1. In the case of a new company, the importer is required to register it via the Single Window for Formalization of Enterprises (GUFE) of APIEX website Link and obtain all the certificate/documentary of the registration of the company and importer card
How to Import Groupage (Goods Value more than 500,000 FCFA) In Benin
How to Import Groupage (Goods Value more than 500,000 FCFA) In Benin

Transit order establishment

  1. You (importer) must then connect with an approved broker to finalize the formalities for customs. You can physically present yourself at the agent’s office or send him remotely (mail, telephone) the information/documents necessary for the importation procedure i.e. (consignment note commercial invoice for items,) Link
  2. The broker will then create an estimate based on the cost to be borne by all agencies or structures that participate in the processing of imports to transport the goods to reach their destination, which includes the cost of agents for commissions) Based on the information you obtained from the importer and give you a quotation slip.
  3. If you decide to agree to the broker’s services and agree to the broker’s services, you will be asked to pay broker’s fees by check, cash or Bank transfer within a single day when you have paid. you will receive an order to transit at the broker’s offices for the commercial invoice’, importer’s card’, consignment note.

Estimation in the worth of products via Customs.

  1. After crossing the Benin border The driver of the truck is directed towards the Hillacondji Customs Recipe office and present an “exit authorization” prepared by the broker who has been approved, which lists all the items transported to be checked through the deputy chief of brigade customs and then issue an exit permit to the driver.
  2. The driver park the vehicle on the weighbridge near the weigh cabin. The crossing guard is given the logbook for the vehicle (exit authorization identification card, registration card certificate, driving licence) and gets an official weighting report.
  3. The driver drives on towards the CNCB parking area, where the customs agent then connects with the system for parking, and informs the driver of the arrival of the truck. Then, the driver hands the CNCB entry ticket directly to the driver. The driver informs brokers of the arrival at the port.
  4. The broker authorized connects to Benin Control. Benin Control platform and provides all the details regarding the products that he is accountable for and uploads all required documents in electronic format.
  5. Within three days, the broker will receive the document confirmation certificate via his email address. It will determine the value that was assigned the value by Benin Control. The value assigned by Benin Control is used as a reference in calculations of customs duty.

The establishment of the declaration of customs.

  1. The authorized broker goes for Benin Chamber of Commerce and Industry offices, where they buy the forms for customs declaration, comprising five sheets, which are sold in sets of 100 sheets in exchange for CCIB payment receipts. CCIB invoice for payment.
  2. The broker then connects an ASYCUDA system and then enters the declaration for every bill of landing for the merchandise and then obtain five copies of the documents for the import declaration from each agency i.e. .
  3. The broker then goes towards the Hillacondji customs Recipe Office, customs operation commercial COC and present five copies of the of the import declaration file along with other documents supporting it to the head of the commercial operation officer . The officer will be verified . Then, they will obtain the declaration of import along together with the COC visa and enter file
  4. Then, he goes to his Inspector Liquidator unit and submits the supporting documents file to be reviewed through the customs inspector’s official and receive the liquidated declaration copy of the import declaration and clear import declaration carrier copy.

Regulating the single expense slip.

  1. Head for then the Agency of the National Council of Shippers of Benin (CNCB) office, and the billing service section, and then submit the declaration in writing or verbally for the agent who handles billing for it to be verified. He is then required to indicate that the BFU code on your liquidation of the verbal declaration and then issue it to you.
  2. Go to the ECOBANK and/or Bank of Africa (BoA) with the declaration slip of liquidation verbally signed and pay it and then get your BFU Bank receipt. Be aware that all parties are notified immediately in order to permit the transfer of the goods.

The issuance for the authorization to exit.

  1. The broker is then directed back to the customs office inspector liquidator section, and presents the BFU bank receipt for verification through the inspector liquidator, who checks to see if the payment was done in compliance with the law and then validates the BFU bank receipt by affixing his passport on it , granting that the goods are released. merchandise.
  2. Then, he goes into the deputy chief Brigade Office and submit the BFU bank receipt as well as the documents supporting the importation to be checked by the brigade’s deputy head and if he deems it appropriate to do so, he’ll conduct an inspection of the items, and when he is sure that everything is in order, he’ll accept the release of the items by attaching the visa to the BFU bank receipt and then issue it to you.

Required Documents For Import Groupage (Goods Value more than 500,000 FCFA)

  • consignment note
  • commercial invoices for the goods
  • importer card
  • exit authorization permit
  • Registration card or credit card
  • Insurance certificate
  • Driving licence
  • weighting sheet
  • verification certificate
  • Import declaration documents file i.e. .
  • BFU bank receipt
  • National identity card (importer/broker)

Office Locations and Contacts

Address: Boulevard Steinmetz, Cotonou 01
BP 363
Tel: +229 21 31 07 04Fax: +229 21 31 07 51
MyCompany .BJ

Address: Boulevard Saint Michel, Cotonou 04
BP 1186
Tel: +229 21 32 13 54
Fax: +229 21 32 13 48
List of Brokers Authorized for Benin : link

Hillacondji Customs Recipe
Address: Hillacondji 01
BP 400
Tel: +229 22 43 51 05 / +229 22 43 00 59

Agency of the National Council of Shippers of Benin (CNCB) — Hillacondji
Address Hillacondji Benin
BP 013
Tel:+229 96 25 15 14

Contact: Cotonou 01
BP 31
Tel: +229 21 31 12 38 / +229 21 31 20 81
Fax: +229 21 31 32 99

Contact, Cotonou 01
BP 400
Tel: +229 21 31 22 36


  • An authorized broker is hired by an importer who wishes to import goods worth greater than 500,000 CFA into Benin via route via land


To access ASYCUDA system

  • Sign the form from his office if you have access to ASYCUDA (the broker has to be authorized and the application is required to be downloaded on the computer). or
  • Make use of the computer and internet connection that is available in the non-marked room (computer area) at the Customs Office.

The Information You Need

  • Information about the importer
  • Contact information of the importer
  • List of products to be imported
  • Country of source
  • Point of entry
  • The number for the National Identity card
  • Drivers licence details
  • The weight of the import goods
  • The value of imported goods
  • Authorized broker details

Documentation is needed

  • The importation groupage of goods worth more than 500,000 FCFA must be declared and in compliance with the regulations of customs and standard that is set by the Minister of Industry and commerce, as well as other regulating organizations to be permitted admission into Benin.

Information that can be useful

More details about the documents that are required and the various ways to import them.

Importer card”Business Creation”

  • For any import-export activity an economic operator needs to have an importer card. The Importer Card is issued along with other certificates for the establishment of a company. The establishment of a company can be done through APIEX’s Single Window for Formalization of Enterprises (GUFE) of APIEX. APIEX.

Transmit order

  • It is the form of document that authorizes the broker authorized to act on behalf of the operator. The document makes the latter liable to the broker authorized by the government.
  • If the worth of the merchandise is greater than 500 000 FCFA The owner must make use of an authorized broker act for him.

Calculating the value of the customs of the product

  • This will allow you to determine, through the program for verification of imports, the value of customs for the merchandise. The declaration for customs is constructed taking this value into consideration.

Customs declaration

  • Imported and exported goods have to be licensed for customs charges. The customs authorities of Benin have established an information system known as ASYCUDA World that allows authorized brokers to make their declarations from their offices before proceeding with liquidation.

Regulating the Cost Slip as a Single Cost Slip

  • After the finalization of the declaration to customs after the declaration is cleared, Port Single Window generates a Single Fee Schedule (BFU) that tracks all charges incurred by the structures that are part of the process of import. The BFU is then processed by either of BOA’s two banks that are partners (Ecobank as well as BOA).

Find the exit permission

  • Customs bureau checks the final documentation and physical checks of the products to allow the goods to be allowed to be consumed in Benin.

External Links

  • Benin Trade Portal: Link

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