How to Importing Goods In Uganda

Importing Goods In Uganda By Online

  • You must obtain an import license in the event that the goods need to be imported (food chemicals, drugs agricultural products, etc.)
  • First thing that you must make is to make sure that the items that you import meet Ugandan standards, as set by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards
  • Provide the supplier with information that clearly outlines the next
    • Good description
    • Technical specifications
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Time to deliver
    • Regulations and requirements
  • Verify that the item is not listed on the prohibited list.
  • Verify that the items aren’t subject to anti-dumping duties.
  • Find out the price, arrange the funding, and seek guidance from your bank
  • Talk to the supplier then sign a contract. pay the amount agreed upon.
  • Before goods are allowed into the country, you must:
    • Find the commercial invoice, packing list, invoice of lading, and certificate of conformity
    • Select a clearing agent that will determine the customs duty and transport charges , and give you advice accordingly.
    • Get the appropriate quality certificates
  • Once the items arrive, take the following steps:
    • Customs clearance is required to process the goods.
    • Get a release order
    • Certify compliance with the certificate.
    • Pay the transport costs to collect items and deliver to your location

Required Documents For Importing Goods

  • Suppliers invoice
  • Checklist for packing
  • Air Way Bill ( for imports via air)
  • Commercial invoice
  • Freight invoice
  • Uganda tax authority that is responsible for revenue 1 motor vehicles
  • Customs document for road transit (commonly called C63) created at the an entry port and seaport in Uganda
  • Certificate of origin
  • Note of consignment for railways (for the importation of goods by rail)
  • Bill of Lading
  • Trade license
  • Certificate of compliance for release orders
  • Import declaration form
  • Declaration of Customs Value Form
  • Any other documents that are relevant.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda National Bureau of StandardPlot M217 Nakawa Industrial Area
P0 B0x 6329
Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256414286123

Executive Director

General line
Fax: +256414286123

Uganda Revenue Authority
P0 B0X 7279
Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256417442054, +256414443150
Fax: +256414334419
Toll-free Help Phone 0800117000
Web portal:


Anyone who is 18 or more and legally resident in the country is able to bring goods into the country.


Prices vary based on items, tonnage, and costs of the importation .


It’s valid for a very long time.

Documents to Utilize


Processing Time

Based on the method of importation and Distance from Uganda and the country exporting it to


  • Make yourself familiar with the documents and procedures needed for importing goods successfully into the country.
  • Be familiar with the processes applicable to the type of material that you plan to import into the country.
  • Be sure to have an appropriate trade license
  • Make sure you have the required documents ready by laying out the various aspects of the process of importation.
  • Clearing agents can assist to process all necessary documents

The Information You Need

  • Import declaration
  • Content particulars
  • Suppliers invoice
  • Documented evidence to prove the transport of goods
  • Customs value declaration
  • Information on compliance
  • Evidence of a Good Release Order

Documentation is needed

Importing products into Uganda can be quite a hassle especially for those who do not have the knowledge of the document required and the procedures .Here is everything you need to know about the legal procedure of the importation of products into Uganda.

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