How to Importing Drug Donations In Uganda

Importing Drug Donations In Uganda By Online

  1. Drug donation applicants are required to notify the National Drug Authority of such requirement in writing.
  2. The applicant should clearly communicate to the Authority that :
    • The spectrum of drugs and the quantities of each are clearly defined and correlated to the people to be served as well as the kind of health facility that will take care of the donation.
  3. The applicant must make a visit to the National Drug Authority for the Authority to check the Drug Import procedure before the importation of the drugs is completed.
  4. Send the proforma invoice in its original form for the shipment of drugs to be shipped to the National Drug Authority for assessment and payment.
  5. Local technical representatives of the National Drug Authority shall endorse the proforma invoice, if that the drug is registered by the Authority.
  6. The applicant should keep in mind that verification of documents submitted is performed to verify conformity in accordance with National Drug Authority requirements.
  7. The Authority will process the information in accordance with the documents submitted and, if they are all successful, the verification certificate for import is issued to the person who applied for the visa.
  8. After completing these steps after which the applicant will be issued an import permit for donation of drugs.
  9. At the point at entry points, the consignment is scrutinized by National Drug Authority to ensure that it conforms to the previously accepted specifications as well as regulations prior to being released for use by the general public.
  10. The applicant should make sure that the drug donation is included in the most current version of the Essential Drugs List of Uganda or in the most current version of the Uganda National Formulary or its proviso lists.
  11. This Imported Drug Donation should have an remaining shelf duration of at minimum one year following its arrival in Uganda and, with the some exceptions, such as vaccines or other biological products that must contain at minimum three-quarters of its advertised shelf-life remaining after arriving.

Notification: National Drug Authority is dedicated to providing the best level of health care for all the people of Uganda by providing access to top quality and safe medications.

Required Documents For Importing Drug Donations

  1. Letter of clearance from Ministry of Health
  2. Certificate of decomposition of expiring drug prior to the issuance of a new Licence.
  3. Previous approval from the National Drug Authority
  4. Proof of Services/business-registration/registering imported drug donation.
  5. Original registration certificate (Business name)
  6. Certificate of importation that has been confirmed through The National Drug Authority.
  7. Documentation of Imported Drug Shelf Life of Donation for at minimum one year prior to and following the arrival in Uganda
  8. Certificate of Incorporation (Company)
  9. The Proof Letter of Uganda Registration Services Bureau
  10. A previous certificate of the suitability of premises
  11. Evidence that the drug imported donation is listed in the most current version of the Essential Drugs List of Uganda.
  12. The pro-forma invoice for import drug donations to the Ministry of Health (MRU) is also required.
  13. The current Certificate of Name and Full Name for Importer for Drug Donation.
  14. Liste of items(Drug Donation) List of items (Drug Donation)
  15. A certificate of contribution (Certificate of Donation ) this is a proof the product that was donated as donated.)
  16. ISO Certificate (International standardization organization (ISO) certification that is a certifies that it is in compliance with international standards)
  17. GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) This certificate serves to confirm that the company adheres to international standards in manufacturing pharmaceuticals.)
  18. Certificate of Registration (this is a proof that is a proof that the Imported Drug Donation has been recognized and is being used in the country from which it originated.)
  19. Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products (this is a certificate that is granted by Medicine Regulatory Unit (Ministry of Health) from the country of the country of.)

Office Locations and Contacts

National Drug Authority Secretariat office
Plot No. 19 Rumee Towers, Lumumba Avenue,
P.O. Box 23096 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256-414-255665,
Tel: +256-414-347391/2
Fax :(256) 41-255758
Web site: National Drug Authority

The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda,
Pharmacy House
Plot 1847. Kyambogo, Banda.
P.O. Box 377 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: 256-414-348-796
Website:Pharmaceutical society of Uganda


  • You’ll need an import permit/license in the event that you intend to import drugs into Uganda
  • Anyone over the age of 18 who is engaged in drug-related business in Uganda can import drug Donation.


  • Verification charges for commercial consignments and gifts to private companies and Government Ministries departmental projects and departments programs and institutions 2.0 percent of FOB Price.
  • Verification fees for donations up to US $1,000 to nonprofits that make charitable NGOs 100,000Ugshs.
  • Verification charges are charged for contributions of US $1001 to 5000, for charities that are non-profits, 200 000 Ugsh.
  • Verification charges for donations over US $5000 to charitable non-profit NGO’s 300,000 Ugshs.


Valid for one year.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time 2 months.


  • It is essential that the quality of drug donated should be consistent with the standards set by the country of origin.
  • The agency that is donating the money should not deviate from local administrative processes for receiving and dispensing medical items.
  • Donated drugs shouldn’t be of high value as they are declared.
  • Don’t give away drugs in the wrong amounts.

Requirements Information

  • Customer/Importer name
  • Business Name
  • List of drugs that are imported
  • A commitment letter from the National Drug Authority.
  • The letter of commitment of the person who is the importer of donated drugs.
  • National Drag Authority invoice.
  • Information about the donation of import drugs.
  • Name of License Holder Proposed (if you are a limited company, Please provide the your country and the year of registration)
  • The Importer’s License Number (if available)
  • Drug Business Information
  • Address of the principal importer.

Information that could be helpful

  • All applicants must collect application forms from these areas:
  • District Assistant Drug Inspector (DDI) is based at the DHO’s office. DHO in each district.

Regional office located in the following places:

  • Central Region-Premier complex Nakawa.
  • South Eastern Region-Rippon Gardens, jinja
  • Eastern Region-Kwapa Road, Tororo
  • Northern Region-Erute Road, Lira
  • Western Region- Mugwana Center,Plot30,Old Toro Road Hoima
  • South Western Region-Kamukuzi, Mbarara
  • West Nile Region-Plot1 Mount. Wati Road Anafiyo-Arua
  • Medicines are a vital component in alleviating suffering. international humanitarian efforts can tremendously benefit from the donation of suitable medicines.
  • Donated medications are usually not appropriate for an emergency or for the specific disease or the quality of care offered. They are frequently not understood by health professionals and patients in the local area and are not in accordance with the local drug policy and guidelines for treatment standardization; they could even be harmful.
  • Uganda has extremely strict regulations and procedures to import donated drugs. This is to ensure that harmful foreign drugs, poisonous or noxious drugs are not introduced into Uganda. This is a guideline for person(s)companies and other participants in any donation of drugs into Uganda.

Uganda Government controls the import of donated drugs. Uganda Government controls the import of donated drugs into the Country. These controls include:

  • A total prohibition, in which you are not permitted to import donated drugs under any circumstance or
  • A limitation, in which you require written authorization to import the drug donated.
  • These drugs are strictly monitored by the government.
  • Donated drugs must be delivered by individuals or businesses who have been granted specific permissions by the laws of the state Uganda.
  • Donated drugs are sold within 12 months of the expiration date.
  • This is a set of guidelines for person(s)companies as well as other parties involved in any Importation of Donated substances into Uganda.

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