How To Modification in Passport In Argentina

How To Modification in Passport In Argentina

  1. Visit the digital offices as well as Quick Documentation Centers nationwide to change your passport.
  2. Make sure to submit all the documents necessary.
  3. Make sure you complete your online application. Have your biometrics taken.
  4. Make the payment.

Note: The new ePassport will be delivered directly to the person who owns it within 15 days of processing at digital offices or Quick Documentation Centres throughout the country.

Documents Required Modification in Passport  

  • your current passport
  • Participation in the Participation in the Civic Book (National Identity Card) if appropriate.

Office Locations and Contacts

For Office Locations, click on this link:

What Are All The Eligibility

Argentine Holders of passports.


New ePassport $ 400

If the amendment is caused by a mistakes or defects that were made in the process of preparing your passport, then there will be no charge to purchase this New Passport, provided it is reported within ninety (90) days after receiving the passport and provided that it is not utilized for travel.


It is the New Electronic Passport is valid for 10 years.

Processing Time

15 days

Documentation is needed

There are occasions when modifications are required to be made to your passport. This is when there is changes to information from your personal and identity identification, and when there are mistakes made in the form of your passport.

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