How To Modify or Correct Information (DNI/Documento Nacional de Identidad) In Argentina

How To Modify or Correct Information (DNI/Documento Nacional de Identidad) In Argentina

  • Contact the registry for more information or the Documentation Center to apply for an ID. If you reside within the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires you can visit the Management and Participation Centers, or arrange for your ID through the Quick Center of the Ministry of Interior and Transportation. If you’ve been registered in another country you may go to the Quick Documentation Centers, which are required to the process being carried out within their Civil Registry delegations of their respective cities or districts.
  • The new ID card will be handed directly over to the address provided by the person applying for it, via certified mail upon receipt of the application proof. The postal service will visit the address twice. undeliverable ID’s will be delivered to the place which processed the application which will make it ready for pick-up.

Documents that are required Modify or Correct Information (DNI/Documento Nacional de Identidad)

  • Previous DNI.
  • Birth certificate with signature of the official as well as the seal of public RECTIFICADA (with changes that can be used to identify the person). The certificate will not be accepted.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior and Transport

May 25 101/145 C1002ABC – Buenos Aires

Phone Number: (54 11) 4339-0800


Email Contact Form:

Management and Participation Centers

Quick Documentation Centres

Civil Registration Offices

What Are All The Eligibility

This process allows users of DNI to amend or correct the information on their ID, as long as these changes are recorded to their birth certificate which has to be shown at the time of the procedure.


Processing cost: $ 35

Other rates are available:


The DNI issued to citizens who are over 14 years of age, Argentine or a foreign national Valid up to fifteen years from the day it was issued.

Processing Time

ID’s will be sent within 15 days after the application process has been completed.


An ID replacement will be given each time you apply for a change or correcting any information in your DNI.

The Document is required Modify or Correct Information (DNI/Documento Nacional de Identidad)

An ID card can be a piece of paper which can be utilized for any private or public transactions like lobbying, immigration, banking public trade, finance social security and even for voting.

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