How to Modification of Information in Identity Card In Malysia

Modification of Information in Identity Card In Malysia By Online

  • Contact the authority in question personally.
  • The application form must be filled in with all the information needed.
  • Make sure you have all the documents required.
  • Make sure you pay the appropriate fees.

Required Documents For Modification of Information in Identity Card

Application Documents

  • A statutory declaration (if the applicant is less than 18 years old, the statutory declaration must be signed by the guardian or parent)
  • Identity cards of applicants
  • Birth Certificate or Adoption Certificate or Citizenship Certificate or a confirmation on citizenship or admission permit (as appropriate)
  • Passport
  • Applicable supporting documents:
    • Card to prove that you have accepted Islam issued by the Islamic Religious Department
    • State Islamic Religious Council for Muslims regardless of name change or retention
    • Shariah Court order, or a certificate issued by the Islamic Religious Council or Department for the request to change into Islam to another religion or to change from the Muslim name to one that isn’t Muslim.
    • Certificate of baptism or confirmation to prove that the person applying for the application is member or adherent of Buddhism, Hinduism or Sikhism to apply for a change of religion that affects the name. If the name of the applicant is kept, only Appendix A is required to be filled in at the counter. The documents mentioned above are not required.
    • Wedding Certificates KC07 are issued from the NRD for applications to register the husband’s name of those who are who are married to foreign nationals only
    • Additional supporting documents that are that are required by departments help support the amendment

Office Locations and Contact

National Registration Department Malaysia
Ministry of Home Affairs
No.20 Precinct 2
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62551 Federal Territory of Putrajaya
TELE (1MOCC) 03-8000 0800
Fax 03-8880-8288
Below is the external link to the following
NRD Branch

How to Modification of Information in Identity Card In Malysia
How to Modification of Information in Identity Card In Malysia
State Director’s contact details
Headquarters Management


  • Processing fee for amending information 10 RM
  • Replacement on the ID card after the application is accepted
    • For citizens – 10 RM
    • For non-citizen – 40 RM

Documents to Utilize

Application Form JPN.KP16 that can be obtained at NRD counters. NRD counter.


Regulation 14 in the National Registration Regulations 1990 (Amendment 2007) stipulates that the person who is the owner of an identity card that finds an identity card has details that, to the best of his knowledge, are not correct, must modify the incorrect details on the identity card.

The Document is required

This page provides details on how to alter the details on an identity card in Malaysia.



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