How to Apply For Register an External Company in Dominica

Apply For Register an External Company in Dominica

  1. Complete the application form in full with all essential information like the complete legal name of the Company along with the company’s address in complete like street address number, number, if there is a multi-office structure, the room number as well as the postal code.
  2. It is also necessary to provide the date, place of jurisdiction and the manner of incorporation as well as specifics of its corporate instruments as well as the duration that is set by the corporate instruments of the duration of its term.
  3. Input the details that are required under the section 344(1)(j) in the Act.
  4. The principal business or operations of the Company as well as the date when the Company plans to begin any of its activities within Dominica is also necessary.
  5. In relation to each director, list the the director’s first name, Initial and Family name as well as the complete address for residence. Also, indicate the director’s occupation.
  6. Submit form and a certified copy of its corporate documents, including the most recent amendments, should be obtained from a competent official of the area where the Company is incorporated or is believed as being incorporated. A notarized and certified copy is acceptable.
  7. Make sure you pay the necessary charges.

Required Documents For Register an External Company

  • External Company Application for Registration form
  • A certified copy of its corporate documents with current amendments should be obtained from an official in the any jurisdiction in which the Company is registered or considered to have been incorporated. A notarized, certified copy is accepted.
  • The declaration the statutory declarations required under Section 344 (2)(a) of the Act One of these must be a declaration that the company is a validly operating company.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Companies” Clerk

Companies as well as Intellectual Property Office

21 Kennedy Avenue


Commonwealth of Dominica

Telephone: (767) 266 3358

Fax: (767) 440 6593



Documents to Utilize

To download the forms below:


Forms for registration of the company as an External Company are submitted to the Companies and Intellectual Property Office.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the company
  • Address of Head or Registered Office
  • Address of the Principal Office, if it exists located in Dominica
  • Corporate Structure
  • Share Capital
  • The main types of business that are being conducted and the date at which the Company plans to begin any of its activities in Dominica
  • Directors of the company
  • Documents are attached

The Document is required

The term “foreign” refers to a Foreign Corporation is a corporation that is registered by the laws of another state or country. A “foreign” company must submit a notice of its intention to conduct business in the state in which it conducts substantial business regularly.

Information that could be helpful

The Companies and Intellectual Property Office was established in accordance with Section II of the Patents Act, Act 8 of 1999 (PDF, 1.18 MB). CIPO CIPO serves as an official National Companies and Intellectual Property Registry for the Commonwealth of Dominica and is an Department that is part of the Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs.

The Office is charged with implementing legislation, registering , and maintaining records pertaining to Intellectual Property, Companies, Business Names and International Business Companies in Dominica.

The functions that are performed by the Companies and Intellectual Property Office includes:

  • Registering Intellectual Property
  • Registry for International Business Companies
  • Registration of Local Businesses, Business Names and Non-Profit Companies

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