How to Notification of Closure of a Private School by Owner In Uganda

Notification of Closure of a Private School by Owner In Uganda By Yourself

  1. If any school that is classified and registered as a private school is shut at the request of the school’s owner for a time exceeding 30 working days excluding during school holidays the school’s proprietor must immediately inform the permanent secretary the chief administrative officer or town clerk in writing, of the closing.
    • The reasons behind the closure of the school as well as
    • the time that the school will the time that the school is likely to remain closed.visit Ministry website on the following link Ministry of Education and sports
  2. When the Permanent Secretary Chief Administrative Officer or town clerk is convinced that the reason provided by the school’s owner or the timeframe in which it is expected to be closed is in conflict with the national interest, he could, in the sole discretion of the person in charge after giving the owner of the school an opportunity to speak and deciding that the school be opened under the supervision and direction of a statutory administrator named by the permanent secretary or chief administrative officer, or town clerk. This applies to the school.
  3. Each school’s owner who fails to supply the information required under section (1) (1) of this rules and regulations commits an offence and is liable upon conviction to a penalty not exceeding 10 currency points, or prison for a period that is not more than five months or both.
  4. In closing the school, or cancelling their classification or registration, and directing the closing of the school, the school may in the period of thirty working days from the day that the decision was made public to the person concerned make an appeal before an appeals court as established by article 53 in the Act.

Required Documents For Notification of Closure of a Private School by Owner

  1. Include a the copy of the license letter to the form for application.
  2. The original registration certificate of the school must be included on the application.
  3. Minutes of BOG or recommending the upgrading of the school through the establishment of a dormitory area.
  4. This is the District Inspector of Schools’ report describing the Dormitories and the other Accommodation facilities.
  5. The report lists the essential facilities in the dormitory section, as well as the drawn drawings that have been approved (Building designs) available.
  6. Documentation proving Dormitory Occupancy permit.
  7. A certificate for Occupational Safety and Health from the health official.
  8. Appropriate plan for the water and sanitation system within the hostel.
  9. An overview of safety tips and prevention of injuries found in the dormitories. (Fire the safety program).

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Education and Sports Director Office.
Physical Address Lot 35 Kampala Road, King George way IV
Embassy House and Legacy Tower Block A and B Kyadondo Road.
Address of Postal Service: P.O.Box 7063 Kampala, Uganda
E-mail Address:
Web site: Ministry of Education and sports


  • Private schools that remain closed on the orders of the school’s owner for more than thirty working days, except on holidays, school days, and other holidays, and other times are eligible.


  • The fees charged to notify of the closure of the privately-owned school amounts to USh. 621,670.


  • The closure notice is valid until issues are addressed

Processing Time

  • The maximum processing time to notify of the closure of a private schools is two days.


  • Any school administrator who fails to provide the information required under paragraph (1) for the permanent secretary, Chief Administrative Officer or town clerk is guilty of an offence and is subject for decision to pay a penalty of not more than six thousand shillings, or jail for a period that is not more than six months or both.

Requirements Information

  • Full name
  • Identification number
  • Contact information and phone number
  • Information about the Business Plan
  • Occupation
  • Citizenship
  • Audited annual financial statements for audit or audited financial forecasts
  • The name proposed for the School is
  • The site,
  • The mission and the vision
  • The purpose of the proposed school pre-primary secondary school, secondary school and
  • the proposed focus area within the current Ugandan education System.

The document is needed

  • The notice ensures that private school owners don’t arbitrarily close schools, at the expense of the communities that they serve.

Information that could be helpful

  • A school that has been shut by decision from the chief educator in accordance with section 28 and 29 and that has been shut for not less than six months could be allowed by the chief educational officer reopen and be registered into the register of private schools , with any classification that the principal education officer deems appropriate, with no application being submitted in this regard by the school’s proprietor.
  • A school that is reopened in accordance with subsection (1) will be, unless the chief education officer directs otherwise be considered to be the establishment of a new school. Accordingly the rules of this Act applicable to the creation of a new school shall be applicable.
  • Every school’s administrator must run the school in a manner that the needs of pupils are the top priority.
  • The school’s owner can charge school fees in accordance with what the Permanent Secretary or chief administrative officer, or town clerk could from time to time determine.
  • The Ministry of Education will from time-to-time issue guidelines to school administrators regarding the school management in order to protect the interest of pupils. Every school’s owner is required to follow the directions.
  • Each school’s owner must establish for their school a board of governors , or the management board, as the situation could be, in compliance to the regulations enacted by the Act.
  • Each school’s owner must create annual estimates for their school and, on the request of the inspector of schools, offer them to inspection by the school inspector or by an official from the Ministry of Education responsible.
  • Each school’s owner must have the financials of the school annually audited by a professional accountant and the accounts that have been audited will be accessible for inspection upon request by the superintendent of the school or by an official of the Ministry of education.

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