How To Obtain a Birth Certificate In Cameroon

How To Obtain a Birth Certificate In Cameroon

The Cameroon birth certificates are available through authorized medical institutions (hospitals as well as health centres) or local authorities.

By Medical Institution

The certificate is issued as soon as the child is born at the medical facility. Medical institutions are able to record a child’s birth, as well as his or her birth, and a doctor’s birth certificate. It is then issued right prior to the time that parent(s) leave the hospital.

Local Council Authorities

In this situation, parent(s) or the parents of a newly born baby should go to the local authorities to report the birth. The registration officer of the council registers the birth on a register, and afterward issues the birth certificate.

  • Birth documents for babies born outside of wedlock, registration has to be completed at the civil registration office . In addition, the court declaration has to be given. To allow an application to be considered:
    • The mother has to give her consent, and it must be done in the with the presence of at least two (2) witnesses.
    • Before the birth certificate is issued the court declaration has to be completed in the presence of father mother, witnesses, and the Civil status registerar.
    • If either of them is minor, their consent must be obtained from the mother, father or guardian.
    • In this situation, consents can be made verbally to the civil status register. Or in writing. The consents in writing should be notarized properly and submitted to the registry.
  • Children born outside of Cameroon are registered at any local Cameroon Embassy or Consulate Office or High Commission and a child is issued the Cameroon birth Certificate.
  • Cameroon Citizens who live in the USA can get birth certificates by the following method:
    • Making an application in person at any local Cameroon consulate, embassy or high commissioner. Here are the steps to follow:
    • Download the Application Submission Form from the closest Cameroon consulate, embassy or high commission , and take it to fill out.
    • The applicant has to book an appointment at the register office. In this instance the applicant is informed about appointments and is able to select the one that is most suitable for his or her.
    • Once they have secured an appointment, applicants must make preparations for their appointment. They must confirm the time and date of the appointment. They must also prepare all the requirements required to obtain the certificate. Put all the documents together in a single file, and attach the completed application form onto the file.
    • The day for appointment is set, the applicant must bring the entire application form to the venue for appointment.
    • After submission of the file one of the sections of the submission form is presented to the applicant to prove the submission of the application.

Applications for the sending of applications by mail

  • Download an application form;
  • Find the correct mailing address for the office that is authorized to issue it (Cameroon consulate office, embassy or the high commission);
  • Gather all necessary documents and submit a completed application form.
  • Visit any mailer and submit an the application

Documents Required Obtain a Birth Certificate

  • Evidence of birth (Hospital registration certificate or birth certificates issued by the local authority where the child’s parent(s) reside)
  • Identification cards such as baptism certificates and a notice issued by the village’s executive officers
  • A request letter addressed to the Ambassador from the parent(s) (for candidates overseas)
  • Documentation that proves Cameroon Nationality and citizenship for parent(s) (Cameroonian National Identity Cards, valid passport or birth certificate).
  • Two (2) passport-sized photographs of the child, on a white backgrounds;
  • Passports of parents;
  • Documentation of residency status of parents;

Office Locations and Contacts

1.Civil Registration Centers located in your area.

2.Cameroon Embassies, High commissions or consulate offices in different countries a list of these can be viewed at

3.Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals

P. O Box 1000, Yaounde Cameroun

Telephone: (+237) 22 23 55 56

Fax: (+237) 22 23 55 59

What Are All The Eligibility

Each baby born within Cameroon and born outside of the country by Cameroon citizen may get a birth certificate in Cameroon


Birth Certificate for a baby less than 3 (3) months. No fee payable.


It is valid for a lifetime


1. Applications for children of different ages should be made separately

2. The registration of a child born abroad cannot exceed 1 (1) month following the child’s birth.

3. Make sure that the application file contains all the necessary details and documents

4. Applications that are incomplete will be rejected.

5. Once the application has been submitted make sure that an acknowledgement of receipt is made;

6. If one parent isn’t a Cameroon parent, they must have authorization to register the child;

7. The documents required will differ based on the location where the application was filed

Requirements Information

1. Child’s Name

2. Sex

3. Date of birth of the child

4. Birthplace of the Child

5. Address and name of parents

6. Parents’ nationality

7. The occupation of both parents

8. Dates of Birth for both parents

9. Witnesses at birth (the attending physician, the midwife birth attendant, or any other witnesses)

The Document is required Obtain a Birth Certificate

  • Birth certificates are a personal document given to an person by the state following the registration of birth. The registration of birth is an official document of the birth of a child’s status at the an administrative level within the country.In certain instances the birth certificate is immediately obtained following the birth registration process, while in other cases, a separate application has to be filed.The issue of birth certificates is always controlled by authorized agencies or branches or departments of the government. In Cameroon birth registration is coordinated by the local councils of villages.

Information that could be helpful

1. The authorized agencies to issue birth certificates outside of Cameroon are Cameroon consulates, embassies as well as high commissions.

2. If a parent was born abroad or from a foreign country must also show their birth certificate or identification documents.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1. A birth certificate can be seen as evidence of that the child as a part of society by the lawful authorities.

2. It proves the identity and connection with parents and the state.

3. Birth certificates determine the nationality of the child

4. The birth of a child is a sign of age.

5. Data is utilized in the process of planning for the country;

6. Data can also be used to calculate population ratios for instance age and gender ratios

7. People can be easily identified in the simplest of services.

8. It gives citizens the right to live within the nation and to enjoy public benefits and services.

9. Birth certificates also provide information of the person’s affiliation (illegitimate known, acknowledged, adopted as well as a legitimate kid).

10. Recognizing children who were born of wedlock

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