How To Obtain a Death Certificate In Cameroon

How To Obtain a Death Certificate In Cameroon

  • If a person dies within the medical establishment and dies, a death certificate from the doctor is issued by the medical institution’s authorities to the family right before they can take the body away; and in this situation, the medical authority from the institution has to report deaths to the civil status register the period of 90 (90) calendar days.
  • All documents required must be provided and, after confirmation the documents, a death certificate will be issued.
  • When the death is not at the medical establishment or a family member, the relative or friend can report the death to the local authorities of the area where the deceased was residing or local authorities in the place where he/she will be burial, or both authorities.
  • The official who registers the person issues a valid death certificate.
  • The applicant is then taken towards the civil status registry. When he/she declares death. He / must provide all the required documents. Then an official certificate of death must be issued after verification of the documents.

Documents that are required Obtain a Death Certificate

  • A doctor’s certificate from a doctor (in the event that a death occurred in the hospital);
  • A declaratory judgement (where the cause of death was established by a the court)
  • Evidence of death from local authorities;
  • Identification card, travel documents issued by the deceased
  • Travel document or identity card of the applicant

Office Locations and Contacts

1.Civil Registration Centers in your area.

2.Cameroon Embassies, High commissions or consulate offices in different countries a list of these can be viewed at

3.Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals

P. O Box 1000, Yaounde Cameroun

Telephone: (+237) 22 23 55 56

Fax: (+237) 22 23 55 59

What Are All The Eligibility

Family head or a close relative of the deceased, or anyone else that was present at the time of death may request the death certificate. If the death takes place within a medical establishment and the head of the institution has to make an official declaration.


1. Candidates must notify the civil status registerer for the place where it occurred either at burial, in residence or both.

2. The death has to be reported within the timeframe that is 990 (90) day.

3. In the event that the body of deceased person is not found or is not identifiable an applicant should visit the civil status registry. They require a written declaration from the officer of the judicial police.

4. Police are required to conduct an investigation when necessary.

Requirements Information

1. Name, profession, residence as well as the relationship and residence of the applicant;

2. Name, date, and place of birth as well as the sex, marital status occupation and place of residence of the deceased;

3. Date and location of death;

4. Cause of death

5. Nationality;

6. Where the burial is to take place;

7. Parents’ names who died;

8. Names, professions, and the residence of witnesses as well as

9. The date that the certificate was made.

Documentation is needed

The word “death” implies that the person has died and is no longer alive. To establish the fact that there’s no life for an individual the death certificate has to be obtained. The death certificate is granted through the registration of the death.

Information that could be helpful

1. Before submitting an application, an applicant must make sure that has all of the documents required and report the death promptly enough to prevent wasting time in the process of investigating.

2. Any death in another country must be reported to the nearest Cameroon high commissions, embassies or consulate offices

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Death certificates are utilized for when a married couple would like to get married again.
  • The registration process collects statistical information about deaths and causes and causes of death.
  • It assists to assist improving the accuracy of data on population;

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