How To Obtain a Copy of Birth Register In Austria

How To Obtain a Copy of Birth Register In Austria

  1. The request for an original transcript of the birth register must be made to the appropriate authority.
  2. Applications can be submitted in person, by writing, or electronically (with citizens’ card in hand). The application form is available by contacting the appropriate authority, or downloaded from the internet.
  3. Other documents are required to be submitted and pay any fees required.
  4. The transcription of the register of births should be gathered in person, and typically immediately following the application.

Documents that are required Copy of Birth Register

  • Official photo identification
  • Birth certificate (not required, but assists in finding an entry for birth)
  • Any document that substantiates legal rights

Office Locations and Contacts

Registry Office

To search for a registry office:

Statutory Cities:

To search for Registry Offices in Municipalities:

The Vienna Registry Office

20. Dresdner Strae 20, Dresdner Strae

Phone: +43 1 4000-35089

Fax: +43 1 4000-99-35070

E-mail :

What Are All The Eligibility

People who are able to request an exact copy of the birth certificate:

  • The persons who are the subject of the record as well as any other individuals with a civil status affected by the record
  • Anyone who has an legal claim to acceptance of the registration, unless an overriding legitimate interest for the person referred to in the registration. This precludes
  • Public bodies and authorities to enforce the laws



  • Spoken Request: Free of cost
  • In Writing: 14.30 EUR federal fee

A copy of your birth certificate: 9.30 EUR (7.20 EUR 2.10 EUR German Federal Tax and administrative fee)


  • Requests for and the receipt of a copy of the birth certificate which are directly triggered due to the birth of the child provided it is not issued prior to two years after the date of birth the application is free (does not apply to requests for duplicate copies in the event of loss or theft ). Inquiring that the duplicate copy be delivered is more expensive. For more information , please contact in the office of the registry.
  • Confirmations from Civil Status Office for Social Security are not charged.

Documents to Utilize

Form to Request Form

Processing Time

The transcription of the register of births has to be obtained in person, and typically immediately following the application.


Competent Authority

For children born before 1.1.1939

The church in the parish of the place where you were born.

For children born after 1.1.1939

Civil status offices that deals with the birthplace ( such as the where the hospital is located) is subject to the following rules:

  • Office of the registry or association of the registrar’s office of the community
  • In statutory cities: the Registry Office of the Municipality:
    • In Vienna The Registry office is located in Vienna

The Document is required Copy of Birth Register

A copy of the register of births is an official document typically required for marriage ceremonies or for signing of the partnership. The record from the birth register should not be longer than six months.

Contrary to the birth certificate that is just an extract of the birth register ( like name at birth) The copy of birth registers contains the complete content of all entries in the birth book, such as:

  • each of the entries in the main entry relating to the birth instantaneously
  • Corrections endorsements, and
  • the clues that form connections between different entries.

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How To Obtain a Copy of Birth Register In Austria
How To Obtain a Copy of Birth Register In Austria

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