How to Register Patent In Malta

Register Patent In Malta By Online

  1. Make sure you have all the documents you be required to submit or show in order to submit your application (see the list below).
  2. In order to complete the application, and a link will be provided under “Documents to Use” section where you can download the form.
  3. Make sure you pay all fees applicable.
  4. Your application will be analyzed to determine if it meets the conditions laid out in the Act and the regulations. You will be offered the option of amending your application to meet the requirements. If you do not make the necessary changes, the Comptroller can deny your application.
  5. If the application, whether originally submitted or amended is in compliance with all formal requirements, the Comptroller is required to grant an application for patent.

Required Documents For Register Patent

  • A application for the grant of a patent
  • one or additional claims;
  • the drawings mentioned in the description, or in the claims;
  • An abstract concept.

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Patentable inventions can be made when it is unique and involves an inventive process and is a candidate for industrial use. Biotechnology inventions can also be patentable, subject to moral and ethical limitations.

What is a subject matter that may not not be patentable? :

  • discoveries, theories of science and mathematical techniques;
  • artistic creations;
  • strategies, rules and techniques for mental activities such as playing games, or conducting business or programming for computers;
  • Information presentations;
  • A procedure for treating of the animal or human body using the use of therapy or surgery and a diagnostic technique that is used on the animal or human body;
  • an invention , the use of which is in violation of morality or public order.


Patent registrations last up to 20 years after the date of filing for the request. The ongoing maintenance of a patent is subject to paying the fee prescribed as from the start of the year 3, and every subsequent year after that which is calculated starting on the date of filing of the application.

Documents to Utilize

Application to apply for a patent registration

How to Register Patent In Malta
How to Register Patent In Malta

Requirements Information

  • The description and the scope of invention

Need to have the Document

This guideline provides information on how to apply for patents.

Other uses of the document/certificate

The owner of the Patent will be able to stop third parties from carrying out their duties without his authorization:

  • the manufacturing of a product, or the making of a product or the which is the subject of the patent
  • the commercialization of a product which incorporates the subject matter of a patent.
  • The inducing or empowering of other party to carry out one of these actions.

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