How to Obtain a Marriage License In Barbados

Obtain a Marriage License In Barbados By Online

  1. You must make arrangements with the Magistrate or Marriage Officer who will conduct the wedding.
  2. Get a letter from the Clerk or Marriage Officer to the Magistrate, which you need to present when you apply for the Marriage Licence.
  3. Marriage licenses are available at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Post Office Complex, Cheapside. St. Michael.
  4. Fill out and complete an application form with the other documents required.

Note: Application for marriage licenses must be submitted between 8:15 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Required Documents For Obtain a Marriage License 

The documents you need to provide to get an Marriage Licence:

  • A certified or original copy of the applicants’ birth certificates or, if the applicants are not residents of Barbados, the passport of the applicant as well as Barbados Identification cards are required to be provided.
  • If either of you was married before and then widowed, the certified duplicate of the wedding certificate as well as a death certificate for the spouse who died.
  • If one of the parties divorced, a copy of the Decree Absolute or an authentic copy of the Final Judgment. When the documents is an Foreign Language, the document must be translated and endorsed by a Notary Public authorized.
  • For Non-Nationals:
    • People who have obtained Barbadian citizenship – whether through registration or descent, or by permanent residency or immigrant status is required to present an original certificate issued by Barbados’ Immigration Department of Barbados or the passport where all relevant information is stamped.
    • A non-national granted a work permit has to present the passport proving the date on which a permit to work was granted or the documentation issued by Immigration Department.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Home Affairs
Level Five General Post Office Building, Cheapside,
Bridgetown, Barbados
Telephone: (246) 228 8950
Fax: (246) 437 3794


People under the age of 16 (16) years are not able to legally marry in Barbados.

applicants between 16 (16) and 18 (18) years require the consent of both parents. Both parents have to be in attendance when they submit their application. If this is not the case, a Judge in Barbados upon application being submitted to him, can decide to grant with the consent.

Aged 18 and over (18) years old or older are not required to have parental consent.


  • If neither of the parties is a resident or citizen of Barbados the costs are BDD $200.00 in cash and BDD $25.00 stamp. BDD $25.00 stamp
  • If both parties are resident or citizen of Barbados the charges are BDD $45.00 in cash, and the use of a BDD $10.00 stamp


The marriage can be legally sworn within a matter of minutes after the issuance of the license.

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