How to Obtain a National ID Card In Benin

Obtain a National ID Card In Benin By Online

  1. Make sure you have all the documents you’ll need to submit to the application process.
  2. Go to your town hall to make an application for an ID card that is national.
  3. Please fill out the application
  4. Complete the application form with all other documents required.
  5. The application fee is 2,400F.

Required Documents For Obtain a National ID Card

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • The Certificate of Possession is issued by either the village or district chief
  • Employment proof:
    • For civil service employees: A certificate of employment
    • For students: a certificate for attendance, or student ID card
    • For employees who are retired: act by stating that the applicant an employee who has retired.
    • For traders for business registration
  • For minors: parental consent
  • For married women The marriage certificate
  • For widows The death certificate of spouse, and their marriage certificate.
  • For those born outside of the country The certificate of nationality
  • Two passport photos (white background)
  • Eyeglasses for applicants A medical certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Government of Benin Website
Consulates and embassies from Benin Abroad

How to Obtain a National ID Card In Benin
How to Obtain a National ID Card In Benin


Citizens of Benin


Application Fee 2.400F


You can apply for an identity card that is national in the town hall in your area.

Documentation is needed

An identity card issued by the national government is a government-issued document that can be used by any citizen in order to identify him.

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  • Government of Benin Web Portal:

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