How to Obtain a New Water Connection In India

Obtain a New Water Connection In India By Yourself

  • To connect a new water line to their property, the applicant must apply to their local Municipal Corporation (Administrative authority) or an agency that they can approach for.
  • If there are several agencies involved in the delivery of water services then the applicant must obtain an Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) at the relevant authority (usually municipal offices) before obtaining an allotment from the appropriate department (housing or development authority) depending on the situation and then use it. Apply In-Person :
  • To apply for a new water connections, go to the appropriate office (water departmentor the administrative block office) that is the office of assistant engineers for the area you live in.
  • Visit the office of the relevant department and talk to the authority in order to conduct the initial discussion regarding your needs. When the specifics (any recent changes to the policy of the government) are defined, please make sure you have all the information required.
  • A form for application for a new water connections may be obtained from the respective office during your visit. It may be a typed one.
  • Fill out the application form and attach the complete required document and send it to the authority that will accept.
  • When the application is accepted authorities will review the details and recommend to pay any fees or fees (if appropriate). Therefore, you must adhere to their instructions for starting the process.
  • Applicant will receive an acknowledgement of successful submission of their application. Authority will also provide the likely dates/days for the next stage of action.
  • This application will be handled internally. Authorities will estimate of the cost based on the distance from the home to the main pipe in case of any raw material requirements. In addition, the applicants must also be responsible for the cost of road cutting.
  • Connection will be available on notification following the time that the officials from the respective department make an the inspection.


  • The applicant may be required to supply the required equipment in case any connection arrangements necessary.
  • It is unlawful to connect water to the supply through motors.
  • In certain states, applicants must seek out services available over the counter such as CSC centres/e-seva to apply.
  • In some states , applicants should apply through the department’s online portal.
  • Find contact information and application forms from the appropriate state portals by clicking the links provided for each of the states below.

Required Documents For Obtain a New Water Connection

  • Application form
  • Xerox replica of building sanction plan.
  • Receipt of amount of building sanction fees.
  • No Objection Certification from the department of assessment and collection.
  • ID Proof.
  • Residence Evidence (telephone bills/electricity invoices)
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Electoral Photo ID Card , Passport or PAN Card/DL.
  • Photo.
  • The receipt for property tax.
  • Evidence of the ownership of the property.
  • Self declaration that the property has been assessed or reassess
  • If the tenant wants to apply then get an authentication letter from the owner of the property along with the lease agreement of the property in which the NOC is required.
  • Plan of site showing the design of the house or other premises for which water connections are planned.
  • ANO from the neighboring landlord in the event that the pipe line runs through his property (if needed)
  • NOC for the cutting of the road which falls under the jurisdiction by Municipality/PWD as well as National Highway. (if required)
  • All originals and copies of the original along with self-attestation as per the instructions of the respective authorities must be provided as per the requirements.
  • Other than the above documents, authorities can request additional documents or other information. You must provide them with the information needed for processing

Office Locations and Contacts

Central Water Commission
3rd Floor (South) ,SewaBhawan ,
R.K. Puram, Sector-1
New Delhi – 110066
Fax No. +91 11-26195516
Phone Number – +91-11-26187232(0)
E-mail :
For contact details : contact link.


  • You should be a citizens of India.
  • Property must be located within the condition of the.
  • The people who need water (for the land or premises that have state government taxes in effect and are due on time).


  • Different states have different fees structures.
  • Pay according to departmental norms.


The service will be in use until the tax or charges as stipulated by the department’s regulations are paid.


Reach out to the Assistant Engineer, or the responsible regional office for the Water Supply Department.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Address
  • Complete details regarding your House / Building

Documentation is needed

  • The government has put in place an organized water distribution system that is for general public’s usage.
  • Changes in the climate have affected the water levels in the ground and a severe shortage of rainfall has led to the necessity for water connection to the government water sources.
  • The applicant must follow the correct process of application to gain the connection.
  • The applicant should have paid taxes related to the property that is required to be connected. A NoC from the respective office is a must.

Information that could be helpful

  • The goal of the department responsible for water supply Department of Water Supply Municipal Corporation is to provide continuous water supply to residents.
  • Be aware – The law is very harsh against those who fail to comply with the changes.



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