How to Obtain a Migration Certificate In India

Obtain a Migration Certificate In India By Yourself

1. Please contact you University/College/School where you last studied asking for a Migration Certificate.2. You must provide the required documents(required documents could differ for different institutions)
3. Make payment of the fees as directed from the Institution.
4. Redeem the certificate.

Required Documents For Obtain a Migration Certificate

  • Certificate of degree or Provisional certificate from the course last attended
  • Final Examination Mark Statement , or the most current Mark Sheet
  • Certificate (if applicable): CRRI Certificate (if relevant)
  • Evidence that you have paid the fees in accordance with the requirements
  • Aadhaar Card

N.B (required documents may differ depending on the institution)


Fees may vary for different Universities/Institutions.

Processing Time

From 3 to 5 working days for business (vary with institutions)

The Document is required

A student who has completed their education at an University or affiliated institution and is looking to transfer to other Universities or other affiliated institutions must present the Migration Certificate to the institution that they will be joining.



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