How to Obtain a Pledge and Liens Certificate (Visura Ipotecaria) In Italy

Obtain a Pledge and Liens Certificate (Visura Ipotecaria) In Italy By Online

  • In general, any person who presents the title along with a registration notice in two originals may pay the fee, sign upon the document (article 17 from Law No. 52/1985) and request publication of the transaction, normally at times during business time (article 2677 in the Civil Code). The person who receives the receipt will take the documents and register their details into the General Registry for their subsequent transfer to the various specific registry offices (article 2679 in the Civil Code) and issue an acknowledgement receipt that includes the number of admission (article 2678 3rd paragraph 3rd paragraph, of the Civil Code).
  • The search is able to be conducted only on property deeds which have been computerized and on properties where the tax code used for the search matches the one of the registered owner in the archives of the cadastral.
  • In the event of any contradictions or errors in the data found in the archives, you can contact to the Contact Center and the Provincial Offices of the Territorial Agency.
  • To be able to access the service, you must sign up on the website that is operated by the Inland Revenue. After you have registered, you can start looking using the PIN code supplied to you by Inland Revenue.
  • Visit or go personally to any of the following provincial Italian Revenue Agency offices.

Required Documents For Obtain a Pledge and Liens Certificate

  • Identifying specifics of the property that is owned by the subject
  • Information on the ownership of the entitlement share
  • The cadastral rent and the place for properties recorded in the cadastres of the buildings
  • Estate income and agricultural income from property that is registered on the Land Register

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Economy and Finance via XX Settembre,
97 – 00187
Telephone +39 06.476111

Addresses, offices and phone numbers

Inland Revenue
Via Cristoforo Colombo. 426 C/D
00145 Roma
Tax Code and VAT Number 06363391001

Find the province’s Italian Revenue Agency office Territory


The search at present, is limited to individuals

Documents to Utilize

register online Inland Revenue


  • The Inland Revenue Office – together with the Territorial Agency – is committed to provide citizens with data and information. Using “Search for cadastral information through tax code” It has become possible for citizens to get the cadastral information of properties on the internet.
  • By providing that the code for taxation of the property owner, his province, and the cadastral region in which the search will be conducted It is possible to get information on properties located throughout Italy (excluding provincial autonomous regions of Trento as well as Bolzano).

The Information You Need

  • The personal information of the owner of the property
  • The identification details of the property held by the subject
  • The information pertaining to ownership and the entitlement share that is relevant
  • The cadastral rental and the place where property is registered in the buildings’ cadastre
  • Estate income and Agrarian income of properties that are recorded with the register of land

Documentation is needed

  • It is the Pledge as well as the Liens document (Visura Ipotecaria) is a document that identifies who, a legal or not has the title to property that is real and whether there are pledges, encumbrances, or other liens against these.
  • Visura Ipotecaria is the term used to describe the check of the mortgage register to verify whether the property is not encumbered by mortgage.
  • It will show if it is burdened by fees like loans, mortgages, court orders , or other adverse entries.

Information that could be helpful

When one conducts a look-up (known as visura Ipotecaria) to find out if an individual is the owner of a specific property, if the outcome is affirmative, the registration notice will be returned. From this, you can determine the source of the title and scrutinize it, if you want to understand the specifics of the contract in which the asset was acquired.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Mortgage certificates are a form of document issued by the land registry’s registrar which contains the certified duplicate of the transcripts / records or entries or a confirmation that there are no.
  • The certificate contains generic mortgage copy of each note on the inspection paper and/ or electronically when it is the subject to which it is needed A special mortgage certificate however, includes notes related to a specific subject. one or more properties.
  • The certificate, whether general or specific, is required from the Department of Real Estate Services when advertising Provincial Offices for Land for instance procedures for the allocation of social housing, for foreclosure or expropriation.

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If you are a buyer, you’ll have to organize an charges search (visura Ipotecaria) to ensure that the property isn’t subject to charges like mortgages and court orders, loans, or other adverse entries that could impact the purchase.



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