How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate In Antigua and Barbuda

How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate In Antigua and Barbuda

Process of applying within Antigua as well as Barbuda.

a. Apply in-person By Yourself:
  1. The Certificate of Criminal Record in Antigua and Barbuda is issued by the Criminal Records Office.
  2. Candidates must make an appointment in person, at the given address.
  3. The application forms are available from the appropriate office.
  4. Make your way to the appropriate office. Be sure to bring the necessary copy of documents and originals with you in the offices.
  5. Follow the official guidelines and submit your complete application with all the required the required documents. The applicant is responsible for paying any charges according to the guidelines.
  6. The application will be handled by the department responsible for it.
  7. The certificate may be obtained at the place where the applicant made an application in person. Or, it can be sent via mail following notification or issued according to the rules.
  8. Address:
Criminal Records Office,
Police Headquarters
American Road, St Johns, Antigua.
Telephone 268 462 0125 (local calls)
268 462 2095 (overseas calls)

Application process within Antigua and Barbuda and in other countries.

a. You can apply via mail(post)
  1. Candidates can apply for the position by mail(post). It is suggested to mail(post) the application documents along with fees paid to the address below.
  2. The application will be reviewed by the respective department.
  3. It will then be given to the person applying as per regulations.
  4. Address:
Criminal Records Office,
Police Headquarters,
American Road, St Johns, Antigua.
Telephone 268 462 0125 (local calls)
268 462 2095 (overseas calls)

Documents that are required Police Clearance Certificate

country specific

  • Identity document valid (identity card or passport, driving licence, etc.).
  • Valid passport.
  • Nationality/Citizen proof card

Foreign national

  • A photocopy of your passport when staying within Antigua or Barbuda.
  • A duplicate of your permit to your stay at Antigua and Barbuda with your passport number and location where it was issued as well.
  • Birth certificate (as per requirement).
  • Documents that prove legality (copy of passport that was used during the period of validity, with seal and stamp).
  • An overview of locations as well as dates for residence within Antigua as well as Barbuda.
  • Two passport-type photos.
  • A complete collection of fingerprints taken by an authority that is recognized.

In general

  • Valid proof of citizenship (respective identification cards issued by the each country).
  • Legal proof of stay (copy of passport issued during the period of validity, with seal and stamp).
  • E-mail ID (useful to let you know of problems related to your application)
  • Self-addressed envelopes that is stamped or not (as as).
  • Contact number valid (applicant is able to be shared)
  • Application is required.

Office Locations and Contacts

Criminal Records Office,Police Headquarters
American Road, St Johns, Antigua.
Phone number 268 462 0125 (local calls)
268 462 2095 (overseas calls)

Contacts Consular and high commission offices

What Are All The Eligibility

  • A person who has a valid passport as well as an acceptable address proof.
  • Age limit: or over. If minors are involved applicants, the application should be made by the parent with parental authority, even if the minor isn’t yet 16 yet.
  • The location of the applicant should be the same as that on the passport along with other documents supporting it.
  • Candidates who require of residence status, employment or a long time visas, or who are seeking to move to a country that is not their own.


Fees and charges vary from each the case. Fee requirements that are updated will be announced by the relevant authorities when applying.


Validity standards differ between countries.

Documents to Utilize

Certificate Request Letter for Police Certificate Demand Letter

Processing Time

The processing time varies according to the country in which it was the application was made.


Non-residents and residents

In person or by post to:

Criminal Records Office
Police Headquarters
American Road
Phone: 68 462 0125 (local calls)

Application to include

Passports for residents who are valid.

Non-residents need a copy you birth certificate and a record of the dates and locations of your residence at Antigua and Barbuda Two passport-style photos and a complete set of fingerprints that have been taken by a police official who is recognized.

The Information You Need

  • Surname
  • Given name(s)
  • Other surname(s) are used (example Maiden names, prior married names)
  • Name in original script (example Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, etc.)
  • Birth date
  • Citizenship
  • The place of birth
  • Sex
  • Current Address (number street city, province, along with postal code)
  • Your residence’s duration
  • Address(es) when you reside in (Name of the Country)

The document is needed

A certificate of police clearance declares that you do not have any criminal convictions against you during a particular period of time , which is stated on the certificate.

The records could be referred to as a police clearance or police clearance the record of no information, depending upon the nation. Most countries have certificates that are readily available on request at a central government or police office.

A police clearance certificate is required for a variety of reasons, including immigration to another country for student visas, temporary work permits.

Information that can be useful

In certain countries, police officials will only mail an official certificate to the government who has asked for the certificate. In this instance the certificate should be delivered to the address below:

The Citizenship by Investment Unit, 3rd Floor, ABI Financial Centre, Redcliffe Street, St Johns, Antigua.

Other countries may require certain other countries to have a Police Certificate Request Letter from Antigua and Barbuda. The licensed agent who handles the file can request these from Citizenship by Investment Unit and send it to you to submit to the appropriate police authorities.

It is strongly recommended that applicants obtain their police certification prior to making an request for Citizenship. It is also suggested that they include in their application the receipt of the police certificate (if they have it) to aid Citizenship by Investment Citizenship by Investment Unit in monitoring their certificate.

If you’re unable to get the police certificate from one country in which you’ve lived It is vital to give a detailed explanation in writing and original letters from your police authorities that confirms that they have not issued an official certificate.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The police clearance document is an official copy your criminal record, or a declaration of not having an arrest record. The police clearance certificate is different for each nation and territories and can be known as police certificates as well as good conduct certificates. pcc, judicial record extracts or pcc. The certificates are given out by police departments or government departments and utilized for Citizenship and Immigration to prevent people who pose a threat to security of the country from being allowed into the country.

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The certificate, which is to be obtained at the home district of the applicant or the last residence, must cover the past 10 years. A certificate should be provided to every accompanying dependent that is older than 16 years old.

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