How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (No Criminal Record) In Argentina

How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (No Criminal Record) In Argentina

Application process for Argentina and abroad for citizens of Argentina and overseas.

Online procedure process Argentina obtain the Clearance Certificate from the Police Clearance Certificate (No Criminal Record) Online and with images
  1. Go to the portal on the internet: link
  2. On the next page, on the option for a criminal record to open the next page.
  3. In the second screen follow the Start process to get your criminal record certificate tab to access the popup of choice.
  4. Select the appropriate option and proceed onto the next screen.
  5. In the provided page, read through the details and click continue to the next page. You will need the appropriate details to submit the online application.
  6. The applicant will receive the certificate by downloading results of the criminal record certificate on the second page.

Process for applying for Argentina.Non citizens in Argentina must submit form 80 (including DNI number) with Original Consent Form (signed and dated) to the office for processing.

a. Apply in person
    1. The Certificate for No Criminal Record issued in Argentina is possible to apply to Registro Nacional de Reincidencia in Buenos Aires or at any of its offices in the country.
    2. Link for contact: National Recidivism Registryplease look at the page’s bottom to find the requirement.
  • The applicant must submit an application in person to the contact given in the table below.
  • Applications can be obtained at the office of the applicant.
  • Make your way to the appropriate office. Be sure to bring the necessary copy of documents and originals with you at the time of visit to office.
  • Follow the official guidelines and submit your filled out application together with the supporting the required documents. The applicant is responsible for paying any fees if needed as per the instructions.
  • The application will be handled by the appropriate department.
  • The certificate may be obtained from the location where the applicant made an application in person. Or, it is sent by mail after notification or issued according to guidelines.
  • Address:
National Recidivism Registry,
Tucuman 1353 CABA. C1050AAA.
b. Apply via mail(post)
  • Candidates can apply for the position by mail(post). It is suggested to mail(post) the required documents along with payment details to the address listed below.
    1. Link for contact: National Recidivism Registry. Please refer to the link for requirements.
  • The applicant must make an appointment in person, at the location given below.
  • The completed application will be handled by the appropriate department.
  • It will then be given to the applicant in accordance with regulations.
  • Address:
National Recidivism Registry,
Tucuman 1353 CABA. C1050AAA.

Applying process for overseas.

a. Through a representative:
  • Set up an appointment with your local consulate.
  1. Link to locate consulate: CONSULATE GENERAL
    How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (No Criminal Record) In Argentina
    How To Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (No Criminal Record) In Argentina

  2. The applicant must obtain further documents required from authorities , along with an the authorization letter. All of these documents should be sent directly to your representative in Argentina.
  3. The representative should apply in person to the address given below.
  4. Representatives should report to the office in question with all necessary documents. Follow the official guidelines and then submit the application together with the supporting the required documents. The applicant is responsible for paying any fees if needed as per the instructions.
  5. The application will be handled by the department responsible for it.
  6. A certificate is issued after having been an email to the applicant.
  7. The applicant can download and download the Criminal Record Certificate at the website using the number of your representative received when they presented the documents.
  8. For downloading the certification: StartApplying
  9. Address:
National Recidivism Registry,
Tucuman 1353 CABA. C1050AAA.
Note: The applicant must have the following information when applying.

  • written authorization.
  • Passport or ID card.

Documents that are required Police Clearance Certificate (No Criminal Record)

Specific to a country

  • Identity document valid (identity card driving license, passport, or identity card).
  • Valid passport.
  • Citizenship proof/Document for National Identity (DNI)

Foreign national

  • A duplicate of your passport when you are in Argentina.
  • A duplicate of your permit for residence in Argentina along with your passport number, and the place of issue , as well.
  • Legal proof of stay (copy of passport issued during that time period, and with the appropriate stamp and seal).
  • Form 80

In general

  • Valid proof of citizenship (respective identification cards issued by the the respective country).
  • Documents of legal residence (copy of passport that was used during that time period, with the appropriate stamp and seal).
  • Birth certificate (as per requirement).
  • Your email ID (useful to relay problems related to your application)
  • Passport-size photos.
  • Self-addressed envelopes that is stamped or not (as as).
  • A valid contact number (applicant is able to be shared)
  • An entire collection of fingerprints taken by a reputable authority.
  • Application is required.

Office Locations and Contacts

Registro Nacional de Reincidencia
Headquarters (Tucuman 1357, CABA)
Open Monday-Friday – 08.00 until 16.00
Tel: +0054 (0) 11 4374-5611/12/13

Contact us: please select prompts for more details and contact information.

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The applicant must have a valid passport and an acceptable address proof.
  • Age limit: or over. If minors are involved applications must be made by the parent with parental authority, if minor is not yet 16 yet.
  • The location of the applicant should be the same as that on the passport along with other documents supporting it.
  • Candidates who require of residence status, employment, or a long time visa or are seeking to move to a foreign country.


The fee/cost varies from the particular situation. The latest fee requirements will be announced by the relevant authorities when applying.


The norms of vlidity vary between countries.

Documents to Utilize

You can complete the procedure to obtain a Criminal Record Certificate online

Processing Time

  • Procedure for Express: 1 hour
  • All hours of the day, at all authorized locations.
  • 5 days of online access.
  • The processing time varies according to the country where the application was made.


You should mention that the certificate you require is subject in art. 51 of the Cdigo Penal, when you submit your application. The certificate isn’t valid without this clause.

The following legend MUST appear on the Certificado de Antecedentes Penales: Este documento acredita que el certificado emitido lo es con excepcin al artculo 51 de Cdigo Penal, a solicitud del propio interesado.

The certificate has to have been issued by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Certificates issued by other provincial or federal government office cannot be accepted.

In the event that you are a victim of a crime, history You must submit an original copy of the judicial file, the verdict , and the final decision along with the French or English translation of all the documents.

Requirements Information

  • Surname
  • Given name(s)
  • Other surname(s) employed (example the maiden or previously married names)
  • Name in original script (example Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, etc.)
  • Birth date
  • Citizenship
  • The place of birth
  • Sex
  • Current Address (number street province, city along with postal code)
  • The duration of your stay
  • Address(es) during the time of residence in (Name of the country)

Documentation is needed

A certificate of police clearance declares that you do not have any criminal convictions against you for a specific amount of time that is stated within the document.

Police clearance certificates are a duplicate your criminal record or declaration of not having an arrest record. The police clearance certificate is different for each nation and territories and can be known as police certificates as well as good conduct certificates. judicial records, pcc, and many others. The certificates are issued by the police or government departments, and are used to Citizenship and Immigration to prevent those who pose a threat for security in the country from being allowed into the country.

Information that could be helpful

After your Criminal Record Certificate is collected from the Registro Nacional de Reincidencia, it has to be legalised by or through by the Argentine Foreign Office, if your agent or legal representative is located within Ciudad autnoma de Buenos Aires, or else by the nearest Notary Public Association (Colegio de Escribanos) along with an Apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention.

Other uses for the document/certificate

A police clearance certificate is required to prove immigrability abroad, student visas or temporary work visas.

External Links

Federal Ministry of Justice and Human Rights


If a second legalization through the Apostille is needed then the PCC is to be sent back to Argentina along with a formal letter in English requesting for it be apostilled ” Police Clearance Certificate” be Apostilled. The applicant should clearly state the address where the postmarked PCC is to be delivered.

Notice: The certificate needs to originate from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Certificates issued by other authority won’t be considered valid.

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