How To Obtain a Unique Tax Identification (Clave Unica de Identificacion Tributaria – CUIT) In Argentina

How To Obtain a Unique Tax Identification (Clave Unica de Identificacion Tributaria – CUIT) In Argentina

  1. To obtain a Unique Tax Identification (Clave Unica de Identificacion Tributaria – CUIT) you will need to complete application form Ndeg 460/F in duplicate.
  2. Send the completed form along with all required documents with the required documents to the AFIP office which corresponds with your fiscal residence.
  3. Sign up for your biometrics (signature or photo and, eventually, fingerprint). Furthermore the identity document you have submitted is scanned. The information you provide will be recorded in the system to ensure security reasons, so that you can avoid the use of fake documents and protect your security as a patrimonial or legal person.
  4. After registration, you’ll be provided with a duplicate F.460 or F with your CUT number.

Documents Required Unique Tax Identification

Documentation to prove your identity:

  • Naturalized or native Argentines and foreigners Original and photocopies from DNI, LC, LE.
  • Foreigners who do not have a DNI Photocopy and original of DNI from the nation of their origin.
  • Foreigners who reside in the country, including temporary or temporary residents that do not have DNI Original and photocopy of visa as well as MERCOSUR document (if it is an ally country) as well as the voucher or certificate which proves the number of the file that is assigned to you by the National Migration Office, where the type of residence is noted.
  • For Undivided Succession: You have to submit the Form 460/F, ensure that you’ve completed the fields below:
    • Mark “Data Modification”
    • Keep track of the CUIT that was deceased
    • Paternal surname: Estate of an undivided (consign to the name of deceased)
    • Indicate the date of death.

The form should be completed by the administrator of succession by using a

  • Photocopy of the judicial witness that confirms the appointments of administrators.
  • Photocopy of the death certificate of the deceased.

If the person has not met his registration obligations the univided succession is discharged, based on the filial details from the previous.

Additionally the authenticity and existence of the financial address that is denounced must be proved, by providing at least two in the documents listed below:

  • Address certificate issued by the police authority.
  • Notarization certificate.
  • Photocopy of the invoice for public services (utility) statement in the name of the taxpayer, or the responsible individual.
  • Photocopy of the title, lease contract for the property in which the home is mentioned.
  • Photocopies of bank bill or credit card statements, in the case of the owner of these services.
  • A photocopy of the municipality’s authorization, or equivalent municipal authorization when the request is carried out in a location that requires it.

Documentation to establish fiscal domicile Two or more of these documents:

  • The certificate of address is from the authorities of the police
  • Notarization certificate,
  • Photocopy of the utility bill with your name on it,
  • Photocopy of the title, lease or lease agreement of the property in whose residence you are blaming,
  • Photographic copy of your bank account statements or credit card account statement in the case that you own the services.
  • Copy of municipal approval or similar municipal authority when your business is conducted in real property that requires it.
  • In exceptional circumstances in certain circumstances, the AFIP may ask for and / accept other documents or vouchers which, in their sole discretion will establish the tax domicile you have renounced.
  • The photocopies of the document have to be signed and certified by a public notary to allow its display. If the document is changed the original documents can be displayed.

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal de Ingresos Publicos (AFIP)Contact Numbers

What Are All The Eligibility

The Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) is issued to AFIP employees who are self-employed business owners, as well as companies.



Requirements Information

When filling out your application, it will be required to submit the details:

  • Personal information of the applicant (Name Date of birth Type, and the number. of the document).
  • Address
  • Tax domicile (place where you can develop your business).
  • Other details (telephone Contact email, telephone number).

The reverse of the form should bear your signature, which must be certified by the police, a bank or notary public, unless you sign it in at the hands of an AFIP official when you file.

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