How to Obtain a Residence Card that Indicates the Holders Name Using Kanji Characters In Japan

Obtain a Residence Card that Indicates the Holders Name Using Kanji Characters In Japan By Online

  1. Collect all documents you’ll be required to show or provide for an official certificate of employment.
  2. Apply for a job.
  3. Complete the form and attach the other documents required.
  4. Make payment for the fee of application.

Immigration authorities will verify the following prior to issuance of an official certificate. The applicants residency status that allows the applicant to be employed in Japan according to the annexed Table I of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and if the applicant is not permitted to work, but is allowed to perform an activities that are not allowed by your status as a resident that was previously granted or if the person has the status of residence which does not provide any limitations on working

Required  Documents For Obtain a Residence Card that Indicates the Holders Name Using Kanji Characters

  • Application form completed (1 duplicate)
  • The certificate to engage in activities other than those allowed under the status of Residence previously granted (if it is available)
  • Residence card and passport (or an alien registration certificate that is deemed as equivalent to a residence card)
  • Agents An official document that confirms the status of the applicant

Office Locations and Contacts

Foreign Residents Information Center Advice and information service for foreign citizens. These centers are located in Regional Immigration Bureaus as well as District Offices located in Sendai, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka.

Information about the procedure for entry and staying for foreign citizens is provided by phone or an in-person visit in many languages, including English, Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

Immigration Offices

Email address:

Immigration Bureau Website


A foreign national is licensed to perform work within Japan


Certificate of Valid Employment The amount is 90 yen to receive the certificate

The payment is to be made using Revenue stamps

Documents to Utilize

Demand to obtain a Certificate of Authorized Employment PDF Excel

NOTE: You can print this form on A4 size document (Japanese Industrial Standard). In this instance it is necessary to print it on the reverse .

Processing Time

You could receive your certificate on the same day you’ve made your application.


  • Apply in an Regional Immigration Office (or the Immigration Information Center) in your region.
  • You can apply between 9:15 a.m. until 12:01 p.m. and between 11:30 p.m. until 4:45 p.m. on days of business, (Some Regional Immigration Offices or Immigration Information Center may have an exact date and time for processing applications and accepted, so be sure to check first prior to visiting any immigration center.)

Who is eligible to submit the form:

  • Applicant
  • The following individuals can complete the application process (submit the residence card, passport, application form as well as the application form.) in place that of an applicant.
    • A legal representation of applicant
    • An employee of the institution that accepts the application The institution accepting the applicant. or a public interest organization that directors of the local bureau for immigration considers suitable (in situations arising from an inquiry made by either the applying party or their legal representatives).
    • A lawyer or an administrative scrivener that has sent notice, through an association of bar members or the administrative scriveners’ group to which he/she is a member at the direction of the local bureau for immigration that has authority over the region in which the bar association or administrative scriveners’ organization is situated (in cases prompted by an application from the applicant or official representative to the applicants).

The Document is required

Here are the steps on how to get an official certificate for Authorized Employment.

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