How to Obtain a Trading License-Pharmacy-Grade I In Uganda

Obtain a Trading License-Pharmacy-Grade I In Uganda By Online

  1. Permits or licences to use Pharmaceutical Business Class I may be obtained through the National Drug Authority secretariat.
  2. The applicant must be with the commitment letter or letter of acceptance signed by the Pharmacist.
  3. Make sure you fill out the proper application form according to the instructions of the National Drug Authority.
  4. The applicant must submit the following documents to back the application.
    • Certified copies of Articles and Memorandum of Association
    • Partnership Deed that identifies the pharmacist in charge.
    • The Partners in the Firm.
    • Sketch of the building.
    • The registration certificates of the pharmacist in charge.
    • The certificate of registration of the pharmacy assistant staff
  5. The application must be supported by a complete plan of the property, as well as the fee for application.
  6. After filling in the form, applicants must pay for the licenses needed to operate pharmacies and drug stores. They must pay the applicable fees in their respective areas by using NDA bankslips.
  7. The applicant must then submit a request for a certificate that the premises are suitable and a licence to operate a retail or wholesale store.
  8. The next stage is an inspection at the pharmacy’s proposed premises. The inspection is to be completed within 20 days of the date of receipt of the application form.
  9. The National Drug Authority shall notify the applicant of this approval , and then a licence to operate a pharmacy must be issued.
  10. You must collect your Pharmaceutical Business Grade I Licence from the place you submitted your application within one day of the day the application was accepted by the municipal office in the event of no rejection.
  11. If the application is not accepted, the applicant must be informed in writing.

Required Documents For Obtain a Trading License-Pharmacy-Grade I

  • Clearance through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives for non-nationals.
  • Approval from the National Drug Authority.
  • Services/business-registration/registering-a-new-company.
  • New business: the original registration certificate (Business name)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Company)
  • A letter of approval received from Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  • Original KCCA receipt from the year before, which indicates existing business
  • The original rent and tenancy agreement from the Landlord to the new company.
  • Original Trading License issued from the previous year to allow already operating business.
  • Certification of the suitability of the premises
  • A license to operate a pharmacy. Pharmacy
  • Certificate of full name as Pharmacist
  • A completed application form to verify the suitability of the premises.
  • A completed application form to apply for the Licence.
  • Documentation of the payment of fees prescribed by law.
  • Memorandum and articles of association, certificate of incorporation for partnership and body corporate deeds in the case of partnership.
  • Certified copies of the company form 20 and the resolution of the company naming directors for the company. One of them must be pharmacists.
  • Sketch of the building with regard to the floor area that is minimum for retail, wholesale and storage space.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Drug Authority Secretariat office
Plot No. 19 Rumee Towers, Lumumba Avenue,
P.O. Box 23096 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256-414-255665, +256-414-347391/2
Fax:(256) 41-255758
Website : Drug Authority

Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda
Plot 22 Tufnell Drive, Kamwokya Kampala
P.O. PO Box 3774 Kampala, Uganda.

the Kampala Capital city Authority Head Office
Tel: +256 204 660000, +256 414 581294
Physical Address: Plot 1-3 Sir Appolo Kaggwa Road
The address for the postal envelope is PO BOX 7010 Kampala, Uganda
Kampala Capital City Kampala Capital City
Contact Email: Email this Agency
Website: Capital City Authority

Ministry of Local Government
Workers are in the House
2nd Floor Southern Wing
P.O. 7037, Kampala
Tel: +256-041 341224
Fax: +256-041 258127/347339
Website: Ministry site


or Call for your Municipal Council offices across the nation. Municipal Regional Offices
Municipal council headquarters offices are scattered throughout the nation.

Gulu Municipal Council HQ
C/O District Local Government Airport road
P.O.BOX 201 Gulu
Phone: +256 751000910
Email Address:

Mbarara Municipal Council HQ
Council Building (White House)
District Local Government Lot No. 12 Galt Road, Mbarara
P. O. Box 290 Mbarara, Uganda.
Phone: +256 485420955
Website : Mbarara Municipality

Jinja Municipal Council HQ
Town Hall.
District Local Government Busoga Square
P.O Box 720, Jinja, Uganda
Email Address:

Entebbe Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Circular Road, Plot 2A Entebbe.
P.O Box 32 Entebbe, Uganda
Phone: +256 772 489 466
Email Address:
Website : Entebbe Municipality

Bushenyi District Local Authorities
District Local Government Mbarara – Kasese road.
P.O Box 01 Bushenyi, Uganda
Phone: +256-485-43575
Email Address:
Website: Bushenyi Municipality

Lira Municipal Council HQ
District Local Authority Lira District Local Government Lira Gulu Road.
P.O.Box 49 Lira, Uganda
Phone: +256(0473) 420219
Email Address:
Website : Lira Municipality

Kasese District Local Governance
District Local Authorities Rukooki, Kasese
P.O Box 250, Rukooki, Kasese, Uganda
Phone: +256 392888974
Mail Address: /
Website : Kasese Municipality

Kitgum Municipal Council HQ
Achua District, District Local Governance Kitgum
P.O Box 28,Kitgum, Uganda
Website : District

Mubende District Local Government
Municipal Local Government District Mubende town
P.O Box 93,Mubende Uganda
Phone: +256-392080149
Email Address:

Hoima Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Hoima, Kampala Road
P.O.Box 149, Hoima, Uganda
Phone: +256 772 566776
Email Address:
contact Link Hoima

Kira Municipal Council
P.O Box 25749, Kampala, Uganda
Phone:+256 0414696923
Website : Kira Municipality

Nansana Municipal Council HQ
District Local Governance Nansana Town Wakiso
P.O Box 7218, Kampala Uganda
Phone: +256 702 459893, +256 704 308272
Contact Email:

Masaka Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Plot 11 Elgin Street
P.O.BOX Masaka Masaka
Contact Email:
contact Link Masaka


  • Any person of 18 years carrying out business in Municipality/Division/Town/City/Kampala City Council Authority’s jurisdiction.
  • Other than those exempted by Section 8(2) of the Trade Licensing Act are eligible to apply for a trading license to run the business. Pharmacy Grade I.


Cost of License:

  • (a) Grade I – 600,000 Ugshs
  • (b) (b) II 315,00 Ugshs
  • (c) 3. Grade 240,000 Ugshs
  • (d) Graduation IV 126,000 Ugshs

Renewal Fee

  • (a) Grade I – 600,000 Ugshs
  • (b) (b) II 315,00 Ugshs
  • (c) 3. Grade 240,000 Ugshs
  • (d) Graduation IV 126,000 Ugshs

Divisional Charges inside Kampala.

  • Central division of UGX, 1,060,000 Within Kampala
  • UGX 645,000 Other Divisions within Kampala
  • Uganda UGX 276,000, Municipal Outside Kampala
  • UGX 276,000 Rural Outside Kampala


Validity: 1 Year.

Examples of Documents

Application Form

Processing Time

  • Maximum Processing Time: 2 Days


  • All pharmacies within private hospitals medical centers, pharmacies and any other institutions have to be licensed by the National Drug Authority.
  • A brand new pharmacy that has been granted an operating licence pharmacy should have a clearly visible signboards that clearly indicate the name and the kind of the outlets.
  • A pharmacy could have a license to be operated in different regions. In this case, the distance between a pharmacy and the nearest pharmacy that is already operating will be 100m.
  • A dual application that includes both the retail pharmacy and wholesaler is not allowed.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the customer
  • Business Name
  • Auxiliary staff list
  • Letter of commitment from the pharmacist
  • Commitment letter from the Auxiliary Staff
  • National Drag Authority invoice.
  • Information about the property i.e. the house is owned or rented.
  • Name of License Holder Proposed (if it is a limited company, Please provide the date of registration and country of registration)
  • License Number (if is known)
  • Information on Business
  • Address of the principal building
  • Location exact of the properties to which this application is affixed.
  • Specific Activities in connection with the application
  • Structure and capital formation

Information that can be useful

  • It is the responsibility of the pharmacy owner or the applicant pharmacist owner to make sure that the certification of the in-charge and the auxiliary personnel submitted to the National Drug Authority are valid and authentic.
  • All applicants should gather application forms from these places:
  • District Assistant Drug Inspector (DDI) is based within the offices of the DHO in each district.
  • Regional office, located in the following places:
  1. Central Region-Premier complex Nakawa.
  2. South Eastern Region-Rippon Gardens, jinja
  3. Eastern Region-Kwapa Road, Tororo
  4. Northern Region-Erute Road. Lira
  5. Western Region- Mugwana Center,Plot30,Old Toro Road Hoima
  6. South Western Region-Kamukuzi, Mbarara
  7. West Nile Region-Plot1 Mountain. Wati Road Anafiyo-Arua NDA headquarters, Plot No. 46-48. Lumumba Avenue, Kampala

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