How to Obtain Birth Certificate In Bhutan

Obtain Birth Certificate In Bhutan By Online

  1. A duplicate certificate can be issued in the event of theft, loss, or destruction. They can be issued in the event of damage. To get an official copy of the birth certificate, visit the municipal civil registry.
  2. Make sure you carry a valid photo ID. The personnel at the registry could require your ID to confirm your identity . ensure that you are in possession of the authority to get the certificate.
  3. When you send your request make sure you’ve included these vital details that will make the search for the records easier
    1. Name on the certificate
    2. date of birth
    3. the place of birth
    4. Name of the parents
  4. Make payment for the fee and then wait for the Registrar’s instructions about when you should return to pick up the certificate.

If you’re not in Bhutan

Use the link that is listed under “Office Contacts and Locations” to make contact with the closest Embassy in Bhutan located in the nation where where you are currently in. The consular services section of the Embassy can assist you to in the process of obtaining the copy of your birth certificate.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs
Department of Civil Registration and Census
Telephone : +975-2-322301/322015/325173
Address: Post Box No.133 Tashichho Dzong


Citizen’s Service Website

How to Obtain Birth Certificate In Bhutan
How to Obtain Birth Certificate In Bhutan

Royal Bhutanese Embassies abroad

The Information You Need

  • The name on the document
  • Birth date
  • Birthplace of the child
  • The name of parents

Other uses for the document/certificate

The Birth Certificate includes the name and sex of the person. It also indicates the date and time of birth. It’s issued following the registration of the birth of your child. A birth certificate is usually required when applying in the process of applying for passports, driver’s license or marriage license.

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