How to Obtain Birth Certificate In Ukraine

Obtain Birth Certificate In Ukraine By Online

  1. The applicants can request an original copy of their birth certificate at the civil registry office in their area.
  2. Don’t be a fool and bring along a valid photo ID. You may be asked to provide this in order to verify your identity. Also, be sure you are entitled to request a copy your birth certificate.
  3. Make payment for the fee and then wait for a response from the Registrar about when you should return to pick up the certificate.

If you’re not from Ukraine

Use the link listed under “Office Contacts and Locations” to connect with the closest Embassy of the Ukraine in the country in which you currently reside. The consular services department of the Embassy will be able to assist in the process of obtaining an original copy of your birth certificate.

Required Documents For Obtain Birth Certificate

  • Photocopy of the birth certificate or the applicant’s ID (photocopy)
  • Written request

Office Locations and Contacts

Head of the State Registration Service of Ukraine

Phone Number: 044233-65-10

Telephone Number: 044 233 65-44

First Head

Inna Zavalna

Contact number: 044-233-65-20

the Deputy Head

Iryna Kukharenko

Contact number: 044 233 65-30

Str. M. Raskovoy, 15, Kyiv, 02660

Control & Documentary Provision Division (chancellery)

Contact numbers: 044-233-64-96

Telephone Numbers to Fax: 044233-64-98


Press Service

Phone Numbers for Contact: 044-233-64-71


Department on State Registration of Civil Status of Citizens

  • +38 044 233-64-75

Division for Apostille Certificates

  • +38 044 233-65-13

The Record-keeper at the Department

  • +38 044 233-64-75 (fax)

Department for the State Register of Ownership Rights for Immovable property

  • +38 044 233-64-93

Records keeper for the Department

  • +38 044 233-64-87

Contact numbers to get consultations on State registration of Ownership Rights regarding Immovable Property.

  • +38 044 233-64-78

Department for Legalization of Civil Society Unions, State Registration of Printed Mass Media and Information Agencies

  • +38 044 233-64-92

The Record-keeper at the Department

  • +38 044 233-64-95

The Department of State Registration for Legal Entities as well as Individual Entrepreneurs

  • +38 044 233-65-24

Records keeper for the Department

  • +38 044 233-65-36

Division for Human Resources and civil services

  • +38 044 233-65-49

Division for applications of residents and the access of public information

  • +38 044 233-64-91
  • Email:

For news about cases of corruption in the government registration service: of the registration service of the government:

  • Email:
  • Address for postal mail: Str. M. Raskovoy, 15, Kyiv, 02660.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine01018, Kyiv, Mykhailivska sqr., 1
Fax: (+38 044) 238-18-88
Hotline from the MFA in case of emergency that involve Ukraine’s citizens Ukraine out of the country (+38 044) 238 16 57
Information desk hours of operation:
Mo The 9.00 13.00 14 18.00
Fr 9.00 13.00 14, 16.45

Diplomatic Missions of Ukraine


Secondary (Repeated) certificates are issued to individuals with whose names have been registered in the civil state act. registered. Secondary birth certificates for children can be issued to only their adopters or parents. The second birth certificates of youngsters under 18 years old older, can be given to guardians and the administration of child homes where children are raised. Aged 16 and older are able to receive the second certificates with their passport.

A person who is denied parental rights cannot be granted birth certificates for children who are secondary. In the case of a secondary birth certificate, the information on the parents is provided in complete conformity to the registration data in the act of birth.

Requirements Information

  • Complete name (correct spelling)
  • Birth date
  • Names of parents

The Document is required

This article provides information about how to get an original copy of a birth certificate from Ukraine.

Other uses of the document/certificate

A Birth Certificate includes both the gender and name information of a person. It also records the date and time of birth. It is issued once the birth is recorded at the Civil Registry Office.

A copy of your birth certificate is typically required when applying for a passport or a driver’s license or marriage license.

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