How To Obtain Building Permit In Argentina

How To Obtain Building Permit In Argentina

  1. In order to obtain the permit for building (Permiso of Edificacion) you must submit a request to the Private Works Office in the municipality in which the work will be carried out. It is possible that you will need to apply for additional permits prior to when you can begin construction work. You might also have to obtain a notice of works (Aviso De Obra) To learn more, look up the ‘Information that could assist’ section.
  2. Then, in Buenos Aires, they made applying for permits easier by categorizing the application and the requirements based on the size that the proposed project.
  3. They also digitalized the forms. Check out online forms (Buenos Aires) – link
  4. In addition, since they have made the process much easier, you might not have to provide so many documents. Here is a brief of the requirements you could have to submit to the Private Works Office. To know more you can write to or go to the Help Desk in Finochietto 465, Monday through Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
  5. Send in your application along with all the necessary papers and the application fee.
  6. The Office will look over your application and inform you about the results. We don’t have a set date however it can accelerate the process when you’ve completed all of the necessary prerequisites to avoid delays. Make sure you get your name and the address of the individual responsible for the application to follow up on with regards to the progress of your request. There’s an option under the “Office Locations and Contacts” section that lists contact numbers for various municipalities and provinces.

Documents Required Building Permit

  • Affidavit of application for the project along with supporting documentation modified to conform to the regulations in force.
  • Certification of use.
  • Cadastre certification.
  • The plan of the site’s area that is divided into class and category in accordance with what is the classification of the Tarif ordinance that was in force at the time the presentation and calculation of the amount.

Office Locations and Contacts

Minister of the Interior, Public Works and HousingAddress 25, May, 101 Buenos Aires
Postal Code C1002ABC
Phone: 54 (011) 4339-0800 – Reports: 0800-999-0209

Ministry of Provinces and Municipalities
Address Leandro N. Alem 168 Floor 1 Office. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
Code postal: C1003AAO
Telephone: (54 11) 4339-0800 – Internal: 71277
Municipalities – Directory

How To Obtain Building Permit In Argentina
How To Obtain Building Permit In Argentina

What Are All The Eligibility

You’ll require building permits to perform the following tasks:

  • construction of new structures additions, extensions, or remodeling changes to constructions that were previously constructed;
  • closing, opening or changing windows in the façade;
  • performing the installation of a new surfacing on the facade’s main surface;
  • Installing walls
  • altering or changing the roofing
  • demolition and excavation
  • work that requires electrical, mechanical installation of insulation or plumbing and all work involving the use of flammable materials, or changing or modifying existing ones;
  • opening the way to new rights of ways surveying land and status changes; or creating, extending or renovating parking areas.


Building permits (for construction–building, extension or reform) are issued by municipal authorities.

Documentation is needed

Before building can commence you must get building permits first. This includes the cadastre certificate (Certificacion of Nomenclatura Parcelaria) as well as a certification of use (Certificado of Uso Conforme) and construction permit (Permiso of Edificacion or Aviso of Obras, based on the kind of work that needs to be performed).

The building permit guarantees that the usage of a plot of land, buildingor construction, or the installation of one , is compatible to the purposes and zoning permissible by the laws in effect.

Information that can be useful

The first requirement you must meet to meet in order to obtain the permission to build is the cadastre’s certification. This is issued through the Cadastre Office in charge of the location where work is planned to be completed. The certificate lasts for six months from the date of issue and is used to identify zoning restrictions, for example, the widening opening, closing or alteration on the rights of ways for the public.

It is also possible to get a notice of works (Aviso of Obra) for any construction work that involves the following:

  • Modifications to curbs
  • painting or cleaning the main facades
  • opening, closing, or altering window openings that aren’t part of the main facade
  • Re-plastering or altering the wall plaster in front of the building;
  • performing or changing fronting or external plasterwork, or any similar
  • changing roofing materials; building ceilings;
  • Filling in and flattening the soil;
  • making minor adjustments small modifications installations, as and those to work with flammable materials;
  • placing window and awnings for shops over the facade that faces the public right-of-way, or performing any other task that do not require authorization required , but that require a temporary fence to be put up on the pavement to accommodate equipment and other materials.

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