How to Obtain Cadastral Certificate In Uruguay

Obtain Cadastral Certificate In Uruguay By Online

  • There are two alternatives to choose from one of which is:
    • Log into the portal online and follow the link
    • Visit the authority in question that includes an agency of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, National Cadastre
  • Complete the application form by providing all the information needed.
  • Send the required documents.
  • Pay the fee that is prescribed.

Required Documents For Obtain Cadastral Certificate

For Urban Cadastral Bonds: 

  • Department where the property is located.
  • Parish
  • Padrn number
  • Block
  • Mezzanine/Basement
  • Unit (apartment)

Rural Cadastral For Bonds:

  • Department, which lies in beautiful
  • Number Register

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Economy
National Cadastre
Rondeau Av 1437
Telephone 2900 0877/78
Hours: Open Monday to Friday, from 9.30 until 15.00.

The Delegate Offices for the National Cadastre


This service is provided free for all users.

The Document is required

This page provides information on how you can obtain an cadastral document in Uruguay. The legal form of document confirms the foundation of an valued at a certain amount. The document is used to file with the fundraising offices as well as notarial records, and in any other proceedings that require a certificate of that the value of property is assessed.

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