How to Obtain an INJU Youth Card In Uruguay

Obtain an INJU Youth Card In Uruguay By Online

  • Get in touch with for the National Institute of Youth – INJU office.


  1. Visit in the National Institute of Youth – INJU office.
  2. Fill out your application.
  3. Present identification card along with your current credit card.


Required Documents For Obtain an INJU Youth Card 

  • identification card
  • Current card

Office Locations and Contacts

House INJU:(Montevideo) Monday to Friday, 10:00-18:00. Offices MIDES
Telephone 0800 4658 ( toll-free nationwide)
International: 2400 0302 1154


Uruguay young people between the ages of 14 to 29.


There is no charge.


Its validity for the INJU Youth card runs until the card holder reaches the age limit of 30 years old.

The Document is required

The following are the steps to follow to get An INJU Youth Card in Uruguay. A INJU Card for Youth Card is a type of card that grants access to goods and services offered by private and public businesses across the country.

The goals of this card is to allow youngsters aged between 14 and 29 years old to products and services that are of medical, educational, commercial recreation, cultural and sporting activities, etc. It also promotes an entrepreneurial mindset among youth; and open channels that they offer as part of their ventures discounts for other businesses, creating an ethical young market create a platform that allows access to resources and is the best suited to channel money transfers that are referred to by various INJU programs. pathways.

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