How to Obtain Certification of Animals (Pets) for Export In Barbados

Obtain Certification of Animals (Pets) for Export In Barbados By Online

  1. Once you have all the necessary documents needed to enter your pet in the destination country, call to the Veterinary Services to make an appointment with the Government veterinarian to confirm that your pet is healthy to travel, and that all the conditions for the Import Permit for the country of destination are fulfilled. This usually happens within 72 hours after the date of travel.
  2. The day before your scheduled appointment take the animal(s) along with your travel papers to Veterinary Services Department at The Pine, St. Michael.
  3. The application fees must be paid. The payment must be with the form of cash (Barbados currencies) to the Veterinary Services office at the moment at the time of appointment.
  4. After the animal is examined and been confirmed to meet the conditions of the country of destination and all fees were paid for, the government veterinarian will then complete the required areas of the travel document along with then the Veterinary Health Export Certificate will be issued. It is important to keep the Veterinary Health Export Certificate must be carried by the animal on the journey.

Required Documents For Obtain Certification of Animals (Pets) for Export 

  • Your pet’s or the animal(s) document of travel

Office Locations and Contacts

The Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture
Christ Church
Telephone: 246-434-5000
Contact Form for Email

Veterinary Services and Veterinary Services Laboratory
The Pine
St. Michael, BB11091

Phone: (246) 427-5492 or (246) 427-5073

Animal Service: (246) 429-2143
Veterinary Services Laboratory: (246) 426-7517

Veterinary Services:
Veterinary Services Laboratory:

Natural Heritage Department Natural Heritage Department
Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage
No. 1 Sturges
P.O. Box T25
St. Thomas BB22022

Telephone: (246) 438-7761
Fax: (246) 438-7767
E-mail: heritage @


Pets are cats, dogs animals in cages, birds the hamsters, guinea-pigs, tortoises, turtles.

Note: If you are interested in a species that is not mentioned above, please call Veterinary Services for further information.


  • For each cat, dog or group of caged birds BDS$30.00
  • More than 4 birds in a batch bird cages: BDS $35.00
  • Others animals BDS $35.00


  • Payments should be with money (Barbados currencies) to the Veterinary Services office at the time of the appointment.
  • Payments via credit cards are currently not available Personal cheques are not accepted anymore.


Before submitting the Veterinary Health Export Certificate, applicants should first contact to the Veterinary Authority of the destination country to learn about the regulations and conditions to allow animals’ entry in the country.

Complete all requirements that will allow you to take your pet to the country of your choice. Some of these are handled by private vets and could include microchipping , vaccinations along with treatment for external and internal parasites. The attending doctor could also be able to complete a portion of the paperwork (e.g. in UK residents). UK).

If you’re considering the export of exotic animal species (certain species of reptiles and birds) Please contact for more information with Natural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage for more details. It is also possible to ask the Department to provide you with a list of animals that are considered to be exotic.

Pets that are allowed to enter into the countries listed below:

  • United Kingdom: link to the United Kingdom: link
  • America: Link to The United States: link

Documentation is needed

Pet owners who have pets being transferred from Barbados to different countries should first get an Veterinary Health Export Certificate for their pet. The certificate is granted from Veterinary Services under the The Ministry of Agriculture of Barbados.

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  • Ministry of Agriculture – Barbados Website:

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